19 December 2020

Characters Present


Q asks a war bear to show the point where The Master is kept from going upstairs. We pass through a dining room. Then a large storeroom with honey pots. The bear leaves us with a lone centaur who looks nervous. Argo asks why. He responds that he’s afraid of Eld coming down from upstairs.

Halfway up the stairs we find a glyph. Bright glowing gem in the middle of the sandstone. Alex touches it with his sword. Lightning just starts to creep up it before he quickly draws it away.

Argo investigates the stone and is able to figure out that it keeps really powerful creatures away. Creates an invisible force wall to keep them out. We continue up.

Marching order: 1st rank[Sir Leopold, Quildosse], 2nd rank[Argo, Ono], 3rd rank[Hirelings]

We come up the stairs to the first room and see two metal boxes in the middle of the room. 5’ x 15’ and coming up just below chin height. Distracted by the boxes, we’re surprised by 3 Eldish soldiers. They’re wearing ceramic armor and are armed with swords.

One strikes at Q but misses. Two swing at Sir Leopold and hit. Sir Leopold and Q cast protection spells. The Eld attack and miss. The hirelings fire crossbows and miss. Ono and Argo both miss. Sir Leopold and Q both miss. The hirelings are reloading. Argo brings out his new, jewel encrusted sword and misses. The Eld attack, one kills Q, misses Sir Leopold, misses Argo. Ono misses (natural 1). Sir Leopold attacks the Eld that killed Q and misses (natural 1). Argo says in Eldish, “You shouldn’t have done that” and uses Duelistic Deduction. He strikes one of the Eld down, dead. The remaining Eld attack, missing. Ono hits and slays one of them. The hirelings attack. One hits the last Eld, hurting him. Sir Leopold strikes at the last Eld, shouting “vengeance!” and strikes him down.

Argo prays to…whoever…and offers his soul for Q to be brought back to life. Q returns as a ghoul. Argo’s sword turns to dust.

Argo puts his hands inside a metal box - “interfaces” - and the humming stops.

We go to the room to the east. There’s an alter in the middle, three urns in the back.

We go back to the first room, then north. There are columns of pure white energy. There’s a steel ladder in the southeast corner and another door in the eastern wall.

Ono opens the door to the east. As the door starts to open, he hears voices. George opens conversation with the Eld. Argo continues talking, but in Eldish. Play dice against the Eld. Q’s group win 475 gp pot. The Eld are rifling through their pockets. Don’t have enough for another round.

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