2021-03-27 Session Notes

27 March 2021 Party: Tostor Falo & George the Cleric NPCs: Lubenica, Avenger of the Pumpkin God Hirelings: Eddard

Party is on the Blueberry Beaches of now-deserted Ctyry Ctvrt. Party woke from resting in their boat. Lubenica the Avenger of the Pumpkin God is with them. Her quest is to maintain the cosmic balance between gourd and root. Alice goes to moor the boat at Bistrec.

George asks Lubenica if she knows Speak with Dead so that he can commune with the dead pigs. She did not. He asked if she knew anyone who did.

The hamlet is searched for Silver Jewelry to give George a blunt silver knucleduster-like improvised weapons to slay Lord Ritek’s Beet Beast. A Necklace is found.

The Party goes to the Rye Field to the West of Ritek Manor beyond an Herb Garden to surveil the walls for guards. In the Herb Garden are three wild-eyed, armored figures shout-arguing about beets. One ranting a position. One denying said position. One sitting grumpily on a rock. Carrying hoes and chainmail. Sir Leopold recognizes their heraldry as belonging to minor noble houses. Lubenica does not recognize the trio.

Subject of argument: Best uses of a beet. “Beets can replace apples in fruit salad!” “Beets are best on the mantlepiece! Putting them near fruit ruins them! Why would you eat them!?”

Tostor Falo telepaths to the grumpy one. “The Beet is pleased by your disinterest. The Beet demands that you leave.” Grumpy is confused. Grumpy alerts the other two. He is not believed. Tostor asks Leopold about the three’s House. One of them who was shouting is of House Kreumfoldauer.

Tostor Falo to Kreumfoldauer Soldier: “The Beet knows you are of House Kreumfoldauer. The Beet commands you to leave.” Kreum sees Tostor. Tostor: “You dare ignore the Beet!?” Kreum: “You are not a Beet! Is that you, Fungoid?” Tostor: “THE MUSHROOM IS INCONSEQUENTIAL! IT DID NOT EMPTY A TOWN! LISTEN TO ME.”

The guard speeds up.

Sir Leopold shoots Kreum with a Greatbow. Strikes true.

George moves to flank and slings at Kreum. Bruise but nothing worthwhile.

Sir Leopold shoots Kreum again, grazing Kreum.

Tostor closes to melee and swords at Kreum but is parried by his hoe.

Grumpy and Third lose their nerve and flee south.

Kreum whacks Tostor with his hoe.

Kreum is rabidly, inhumanly unfazed by his fellows’ cowardice. He’s very unkempt and his eyes are bloodshot.

Kreum smashes his hoe into Tostor’s head and the Mycelian goes out like a light for a bit more than half an hour, “Defy the Beet God at your own peril!”

George slings Kreum again and hits him in the temple. Kreum’s down for all the counts.

Eddard and Lubenica are tasked with carrying Tostor. Leopold is following from further behind.

George follows Grumpy and Third down south through the pea garden and watches them enter the hamlet. The two guardeners look back, see George, and run to the Sun Dome. George continues following them. Grumpy and Third shut the doors.

Kreum is searched and found to be carrying wooden die, pouches of seeds, hoe. George puts wooden die into pouch without touching it.

Party surrounds Sun Dome and George casts Cure Light Wounds on Tostor Falo. As he returns to consciousness, Tostor spots five loitering cows.

Party listens at door. Grumpy and Third are whispering about how to get out. Tostor gives Leopold a Magical Sword-Axe of Door-Opening, “The Doorknocker”. Leopold tries open door normally but is resisted. L demands their surrender in exchange for their lives. No response. The Doorknocker smashes the door into splinters.

Leopold: “Last chance. Surrender.” George punctuates the ultimatum with a sling bullet of coercion. Hits. Tostor lightly knocks his head, “Couldn’t keep me down for long, could ya?” Grumpy and Third surrender.

George: “Lay down on the ground on your stomach with hands on your head and legs in the air.” Prepares sling bullet. “Don’t try anything. Eddard, hog tie them.” Leopold strips them for valuables and usables, also tells Eddard to keep a guard on them. Grumpy had a small idol of a Beet made of solid gold. Idol put in a small sack.

George: “Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want? And what are your weaknesses?” They say they are Hedge Knights in the employ of Lord Ritek. George: “Why are you loyal to him? Doe she pay you?” Hedge Knights: “Yeah, he pays us, feeds us, houses.” George asks if they now worship the Beet. “Now we believe in beet. Beet for the Beet god.” They say they were out managing the garden. George: “What does Lord Ritek want?” Shrug.

George: “where does everyone sleep in the manner” Hedge Knights: “Some staff quarters. Ritek’s office is on the top floor.” George: “If we free your hands, will you draw us a map?” Hedge Knights: “We don’t know the layout.” George threatens a finger. No response. George smacks one with his Silver Knuckledusters, but not a full attack. Hedge Knights are still made to draw the best map they can.

Hedge Knights draw map with charcoal from the burnt remains of the Sun Dome’s interior. Most important: Sleep places, treasure, secret doors, traps. Map shows sleeping places and Ritek’s office, but not the rest.

Leopold: “Do you know where the Beet is?” HKs don’t know, but they’ve heard a booming, righteous voice coming from “below”. There is a cellar, but the HKs haven’t been down there. Asked HKs about Keys. HKs don’t know exactly about which Keys go where, but most doors seemed nicely forceable.

How was Kreumfoldauer made all rabid-like? Beet dreams wherein the Beet god blesses people with its touch. The Beet dreams grow. Dream was a couple days ago. G asks about the most powerful beings in the house are Ritek. Ritek used to be clergyman of the Anti-Turtle and still has powers from that part of his life. Now has Beet Magic, probably. There’s also a Gatekeeper, who is not a scary man. Ritek can cause appearance of wounds, can curse people, suck the light out of an area, paralyze people. Most people in the manor are staff, not guards.

George plans to kill the Hedge Knights since their info is done. HKs offer more info about houses in front of manor. People still live there and they’re very loyal to Ritek. They supply him with the drug Hrus. HKs want Leopold to promise their safety. G asks about pigs. HK says pig owner came in a little while ago, not very social, and left a few days ago. Insisted they could talk, but they never did. The Cows haven’t done much.

Ritek sometimes enters the granary. HK once checked granary after Ritek entered but Ritek was gone. Secret Door most likely. HKs finishes rough map. Blank spot near granary.

Interrogatee is re-hog-tied and some rubble is piled on the captives to hinder movement. Party promises to free them after the Beet Business is concluded. Leopold or George: “Can the beet look through eyes of people it’s touched?” HKs don’t know.

Hks label the map. T asks about guard count. HKs say not many. L asks about Gatekeeper. HKs say gatekeeper’s name is Shinek.

Party confirms distribution of magical/silver weapons for fighting the Beet Beast. Tostor reclaims Doorknocker. Silver Dagger given to Eddard.

Conversation heard from Hamlet, “Hello? Where are you?” People are looking for Grumpy and Third? Party untie prisoners’ feet and move them south to a Rye Field. Hamletfolk don’t notice us. Several Sheep are eating the rye. Cows are still looking at us. The party goes west to the wheat field.

Pair of human eyes from small form seen in wheat field. Leopold addresses eyes. “Child?” He is correct. The child is a little girl with golden-blond hair. “Hello, are you escaping?” she asks. “Yes,” says Leopold. “Can we come with?” the child asks. “Yes,” Leopold repeats. Three other children come into view. Of the four, two have swords and two have axes. Children: “Are you going away now?” L: “We’re planning to attack the manor. Do you know more about what happened here?” Girl begins to answer and the session ends.