20 February 2021

Characters Present


We sail for Marlinko. First day is uneventful. We sleep at a beach. On the second day, as we approach Ctyri Ctvrt, we see a large ship flying a sun flag. Decide to try to avoid them. Hernan’s religion might cause clash with those folks.

Outside of town, we run into Jablinski and Kage. They tell us more about the possible murder and about a booming voice coming from the beet field. We meet Mishko in town. He thinks his pig talks to him. When he tries to show us, she just lays there. As we move on, villagers with red noses stare at us. One spits casually on the ground.

We make our way to Freiherr Vuk’s place. A little shack nestled between two trees. On the letterbox is a label reading “Black-eared Vuk.” We hear swearing from inside. Hernan calls out for him. He tells us about the booming voice from the field. It says stuff like, “worship me, I am the master, bow before me, etc.” Re: Lady Ritek’s murder, it’s tragic. Ritek son of Ritek is the lord. Ritek supposedly chopped her legs off. Maybe not married.

We (Hernan, Toster, Alice, and Eddard) go to the beet field. There’s a giant beet. As large as some of the shacks. We all feel some sort of presence in our mind. Like a passenger in the car we’re driving. We can’t otherwise find anything unusual. Behind the beet are three slits (kind of). One large at the bottom and two smaller ones above. Looks kind of like a face. Decide to go into town and see if anyone knows anything about it.

There are a lot of people hanging around when we get back. We go to the flophouse first. There’s a fishy looking guy who runs the place. Tries to get money out of us. He’s a newcomer. Doesn’t know much. Toster offers him 9 gp to give us info. Almost everyone here is new. 1 in 20 are old-timers. The farmers are all old-timers. Plenty of empty shacks where people can just get them by squatting.

We go to the sun dome, hoping that it’ll be a good vantage point to watch the hamlet. The broken dome looks vandalized. Graffiti at the entrance. Alice climbs to the top. Good vantage point.

After looking around town a bit, we return to the sun dome to watch the area. Near midnight, Alice sees a little light in the beet field and hears three voices. One seems to be the beet as described.

The party plans to pursue more info next time.