20 March 2021

Characters Present


The party approaches the sun dome in Ctyri Ctvrt, which has been broken since they last visited. As we approach, we see that the collapsed part of the dome is smoldering. Sir Leopold cleans the statue of the Sun Lord. After searching and finding no evidence of anything in the rubble, the party moves on to investigate the beet field. On the way there is a group of cows, standing around the corpse of a savaged bull. There’s a hole where the giant beet used to be. When Alice investigates, the spirit of Ritek’s wife answers 3 questions in order for us to avenge her.

  1. Where do we find the entity responsible for this? Ritek - killed her and planted the foul beast on her corpse. He dwells in the manor.
  2. How can we beat him. He’s a mortal man. A slice of the neck will end his life. Beware of his new master.
  3. What else do we most need to know? His master is the gigantic beet that grew on her corpse. If you touch its tentacles, the curse will spread to you. Only wizardly made or silver weapons may harm the creature.

We head to Freiherr Vuk’s place. The cows follow us. We see 4 people banging on his door, trying to harass him. We try to convince them to leave Vuk alone, but they’re controlled, so it eventually comes to a fight. As we meet, the cows also decide to attack. We manage to kill two of the mind-controlled villagers and scare them off before the cows arrive. Alice throws a burning flask of oil into their midst as they charge. Three cows catch fire. After another round of attacks, the three collapse, dead. The remaining two flee in fear. We kill one of them as they flee.

When we check on Freiherr Vuk, he responds with much gratitude and gives Alice a Cigar of Protection from Evil. She urges him to get to safety while they try to rid the village of Ritek and the Beet, so he arms himself and takes off for the nearby woods.

The party decides to pass the night safely on their boat. As we pass through the town, we see an armored woman investigating the pigs we slew. Suspicious, Alice hides as the others approach the woman. She introduces herself as Lubenica, a knight of the Pumpkin God, here to do battle with an evil. After talking, she decides to join the party. The party continues on to the boat.