22 November 2020

Characters Present


The party rests at the Drunken Troll. Argo and Onoronoda go shopping in The South Market.

In the bar at the Drunken Troll, Q hears people talking about Irenka’s Herbalist Shop and [[The_Brothers_of_the_Other_Mother?]]. Can be convinced to sell “a spell or two.” May not be nice to the “fairer sex.”

Ono hears a couple peasants. They met a guy named “lugubrious” something. Down south on the road. Robbed them blind. They were going to sell oranges. The guy and his ruffians took all their goods. Another person says the town council has set a bounty of 1,000 gp for the main guy, 50 gp for each bandit. Ono asks how many bandits were with the head guy. More than 10. They had just turned from the eastern crossing. By a small bridge. They live in a town down south, called Ctyri Ctvrt. Peasant is named Jablinski. His friend looks like Kyle Gas.

Argo hears two shady people whispering about a “gathering.” One’s having second thoughts because of the blood god. “Everyone should join the [[Church_of_the_Blood_Jesus?]].” Use the code word “bree yark.”

Party decides to go after the bandits to the south. Go to Guild of Condottieri to see who they can hire. Hire Otto, a “repossession artist” for the [[League_of_the_Free_Handed?]]. Simple Sasha, a “former village idiot.” Enjoys the simple things in life.

Argo pays for the two new hirelings and for Eddard to get a crossbow.

Party decides to do some recon without hirelings before finalizing the rest of their plan. Waits until evening to leave.

It’s quite stormy. As the party approaches the bridge, they see no one. Q hears a voice reciting/reading poetry (E.A. Poe). Find a secret door in the stone of the bridge. Ono looks inside. Leader and 4 henchmen. He leaves to get his armor and brings back the henchmen.

We rush in and surprise the bandits. A quick battle ensues. We kill the leader and two of the henchmen. The other two surrender. Tell us of the rest of the bandits and where they meet in the morning.

We look through the loot. Find 87 gp. A sack of oranges. Each player takes 20 gp, leaving 7 to be divided between the henchmen.

Sword is a weirdly white material. One-handed sword. Cross guard is like raven wings. Sir Leopold takes it.

The party finds where the other bandits meet. Set up an ambush. Surprise the bandits. Ono tosses the leader’s head out. Bandits look at us, enraged. We rush in and slaughter 5 of them, hurt 1 more.

They surrender.

We collect the dead bodies and tie all the prisoners in a row. Take them back to Marlinko. Present them to the rada. We get a total of 1,600 gp.

Return the remaining oranges to Jablinski. They offer us a place to stay at their place in Ctyri Ctvrt, along with free oranges.

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