24 April 2021

Party: Tostor Falo & Sir Leopold. L is always Leopold and never Lubenica

Children said that Lord Ritek banished the previous townsfolk. Then strange people began showing up. Then they started hearing strange sounds from the beet field. All the animals started acting strange, too. Big crack and the sun dome caved in. Some New People escaped but some were taken to the Manor. The captured people came out different. The Children want to escape to their families.

L: We can help with that.

T: Where did you parents go?

The Children don’t know, although one of them has an Aunt in Bystrica.

Party decides that’s a good direction to send them.

Children were going to steal a boat, but didn’t really have a plan beyond that.

Alice and George volunteer to take the children to our boat and then to Bystrica.

L: How many people will we be up against?

The Children don’t really know, but a lot. They remember that a man with a Pig got away. The Children say that their weapons were given to them and blessed by a Polevik. The said they met the Polevik in one of the northern rye fields.

Tostor Falo & Sir Leopold decline to see the Polevik and go to the Western Wall of Ritek Manor while staying away from the hamlet proper. Sneak around the pea garden into the herb garden.

Leopold asks Lubenica if Poleviks can really bless weapons to make them magical. She thinks they can, but is unsure. The manor has a dry moat of a couple feet. Tostor ties his two sections of rope together and then that rope to the grappling hook. Tostor throws it. It takes and holds. Tostor ascends the rope, as do Lubenica and Eddard. Sir Leopold brings up the rear. His Heavy Armor necessitates a Strength Check and he passes.

As the party waits a tick, they notice three humans walk out of the Barn, talking to each other. “I hope they find them” and things of the sort. They do not appear to be alerted. Party hunkers down to be less visible. Party waits and sees for five minutes. Nothing happens, they’re still talking. Tostor pulls up grappling hook and rope and disassembles it.

Sir Leopold looks around to see if any of the buildings have roof access. One of the second-story windows is grapple-hookable. The first-story roof and second-story windows are separated by ten feet. Party waits 10 minutes. No change. Another 10 minutes. The Guards are only half-vigilant. They are bored and one of them yawns. The Party starts sliding North on the roof, keeping themselves obscured by the roof. Not detected. Tostor reassembles the grapple hook and then throws it successfully on the second story window. Tostor goes up first and peeks inside. There’s a large bed and desk, tacky tapestries and large chests. Lord Ritek is at the desk, facing away from the window. Tostor opens window quietly and without force. The window creaks ever so slightly, Lord Ritek starts turning around and Tostor lunges into the room.

Initiative rolled. Ritek wins the initiative.

Lord Ritek: “Oh dear! Have you come to save me?”

Tostor informs the party of the seeming safety of the situation, orders Ritek’s hands up, and secures the room of traps.

L: are you worried about the beet?

R: oh yes, very much so

L: everything we know about you suggests that you are in league with the beet. This is weird.

R: Slanderous! The Beet has locked me in here to starve. If you escort me off this estate I will give you 1,500 gold pieces.

L thinks hard at Tostor and wonders if Ritek is lying and asks how much we want to press him about the wife murder. Tostor thinks it’s not as important now, but important later. It’s higher of a priority for Leopold.

R: The Beet has enthralled and changed everyone!

L: Why has it not enthralled and changed you?

R: Please help me! I will reward you.

Lubenica is not too keen on Ritek. Wants to take him the Gods for judgement.

Tostor says justice shall be done and lots of it, but not yet.

Leopold states that their information in incomplete.

Lubenica is still hostile and asks to tie up Ritek up here. Tostor and Leopold acquiesce.

Ritek is not happy about this. Tostor promises that we won’t leave Lubenica with him, but also we’re not certain of anything, so we need to tie him up just to be sure and will apologize profusely.

L asks about everything Ritek knows about the Beet. Ritek says its otherworldly and demonic. Fire works good. He’s been researching how to kill it. Researching by summoning extraplanar entities for questioning.

T to L: Probably a bad time to tell him that we learned how to kill it from his wife’s ghost

L: Where is the Beet and how does its Mind Control Work?

Ritek: The mind control is a physical disease that changes the person’s mind to follow it.

T: Your hedgeknights said you went to the Granary. Why?

Ritek: I needed to get food for barricading myself up here. Who told you this? the Hedgeknights? I’ll have to remember that…

L to the Party through Tostor: I don’t trust him. I think he summoned and then lost control of the Beet. We can’t let him walk around free in our rear.

L wants to kill him right now.

T: how do you, Ritek, feel about being tied up?

R: I don’t know, what if you fail? I’ll be trapped up here!

T: we’ll leave a dagger in arm’s reach.

R says yes but seems unconvinced

T & L begin tying him up but he whips out a mace.

Ritek wins initiative again and misses.

Both L & T miss their attacks. Lubenica misses with her hammer. Eddard finds an opening with his spear.

Ritek wins initiative again and hurls some Magic at Leopold & Tostor but both succeed their saves. They almost feel like their bodies are tightening up, but alas, success on saves.

L hits and whacks Ritek good. Everyone else’s attacks bounce off.

Ritek wins initiative. Again. More Magic. Party is all blind. Leopold wonders if Ritek is also blind and decides yes as he recognizes the spell as Darkness. Tostos tries finding him with telepathy, succeeds, and hits. Leopold tries tackling Ritek.

Party wins initiative for once. Tostor attacks again and kills him. The Darkness lifts.

T: Consider justice served, I suppose.

Lubenica is pleased.

L: Now… looooot.

Ritek had a two-handed mace, Plate Armor, holy symbol. In his pocket is a tiny mushroom man, dried out but still moving faintly. He also has a metal ouroboros armband. One chest has a bout of seafood scraps. Another Chest has 830 gp. Also erotic woodcuts with themes of cuckoldry. Tapestries look valuable. The Desk contained a lot of ledgers. Two metal chests beside the desk need key from his body. We get the key. The chests have now-empty containers with blue-ish dust residue. Leopold examines the dust. The dust is about as fine as sand, kind of like sugar. Leopold tastes a tiny bit of it. Rolls save against poison but it’s easier because he didn’t eat much at all. Leopold feels dizzy for a bit but is then fine. There’s also a collection of fiction.

We take the gold and the armband. We’ll be back for the woodcuts and tapestry later.

We enter the room just to the east of the Master Bedroom. Filled with ancestor portraits.

We head further east to a staircase and find a door labeled “Guest Room.” Entering it, we find four beds and four lockers. In the lockers are bed linens, nightcaps, expended mattress warmers. We leave that room and descend the stairs.

There is a door to the South and West. We check the South Door first. In the room are shelves full of herb smudges, animal bits in jars, also hanging animal bits. There’s a potter’s wheel and the remnants of various craft hobbies. There are pieces of yellowed paper with sketches of bipedal creatures with elongated structure and sketches of silos and pagoda-like structures. Eld. L reads the papers and gets a feeling of existential dread. We also find a cartoonish portrait of Meliska, Ritek’s dead wife. The portrait is smudged almost beyond recognition by beet juice and blood. A wind and voice whispers “Meliska”. All the lights flicker and written in blood on the wall is “I HAVE BEEN AVENGED. YOU HAVE DONE WELL.” Now lying on the floor is a box. Leopold takes the sketches. Tostor opens the box to find a potion and a ring. Tostor looks for any indication of what the potion does. Tostor instinctively knows that it is a Potion of Dragon Control because Meliska didn’t think to write instructions.

Potion of Dragon Control grants control over dragons as long as drinker concentrates.

Ring is ring of protection +1 in 5’ radius: +1 AC and Saves.

Tostor takes the ring and Leopold takes the Potion.

The Party enters the entrance hall to the West. In the Entrance Hall, we find a bloated, stinking corpse of a person leaning against the door to the courtyard. Somebody’s taken a bite out of the body. Tostor investigates the body. The bite mark is from human teeth. The door behind the corpse is barricaded similarly to Ritek’s bedroom door. Leopold checks the corpse for cause of death. Back of the head caved in by blunt force. The corpse is revealed to be a young woman.