2 January 2021

Characters Present


The party decides to leave for a while and take the bodies of the dead Eld with them. We bring them to the majordomo. He asks for the Eld’s equipment, Sir Leopold asks for money. No deal.

After discussion how to proceed, the party remembers ant lions so they go back and buy polearms. Ono buys 1, Q buys 2. Q gives 2 to the hirelings. Ono keeps his.

Go back to the place where there was an ant lion. We use the war bear’s advice and kill it.

Come to 3 petrified pine trees and the smell of persimmons from the sea. Find nothing interesting. Think to come back with proper tools and harvest petrified tree.

We come to a crossroads. The path to the south shows something glittery, a gold glow. The party heads that way.

As we head south, the party’s surprised by five shapes atop the ridges to either sideā€”ten eld altogether. Q hears them say in Eldish that they’ll take prisoners. They’re holding strange looking objects (think 50s sci-fi movie ray-guns). One shoots a red beam at Ono. Some are also carrying shoulder-mounted long tube-like things. They shoot and blue goo comes out. Q is struck by the goo and is struck immobile. As we continue to get goo-ed up, Leopold and Ono charge up the slope to try and get to grips with the eld. Leopold strikes down the leader, then is gooed and petrified. Ono seizes the leader’s raygun and kills another eld with it, then is immobilized himself.

The whole party ends up encased in goo, unable to move. The Eld gather all of us up and begin dragging us down to the beach. There, we see a very quite large, golden ship. A barge with towers adorning its deck. Something that would come from an era before this. Something of a greater, advanced age. The load us onto hovering vehicles. Q understands that they say we’re hardy specimens. Strong ones. Useful. We’re loaded into the back, feel ourselves lift, and taken away from the dunes.