6 February 2021

Characters Present


Of the usual players, only Sir Leopold was able to make it. Filling out the ranks were two new players, Cynric the Assassin and Cypher the Magic-User.

The session began with the party traveling down the secret passage revealed at the end of last session. After an uneventful trek, we emerged at long last into the open air and moonlight; things we were uncertain we would ever see again. We found ourselves on a narrow beach of black sand at the foot of some rocky cliffs. It was here we joined up with Cynric and Cypher, survivors of a ship destroyed by Eldish flying machines.

Climbing up a narrow path to the top of the cliff, we were confronted with several possible paths, as well as the sight of the enormous immobile grubs which are the Misty Isle’s dominant terrain feature. After briefly investigating one of the grubs, the party decided to travel eastwards along a narrow trail which followed the coast in the hopes of finding a boat. (The well-maintained paths leading inland were rejected as leading to the heart of eld territory, while the rockier coastline westward was considered less likely to have boats. A mysterious black obelisk was visible on a small islet to the South-West, but with no way to reach it except swimming investigation was not seriously considered.)

The first point the party came to was a black sand beach which was littered with the broken remains of porcelain dolls, empty eyes staring accusingly at nothing. A short distance northwest, a party of humans and Eld-men were shoveling meat into the maw of one of the grubs. The work gang did not notice the party, and the party chose not to approach them. The dolls, while undeniably creepy, did nothing when investigated. To the North-East an Eldish structure could be seen hovering a hundred feet in the air; investigation was firmly rejected. We moved onward along the coastal road.

The second point was more black sandy beach. With no apparent threats we elected to rest, eating cold rations and sleeping, sheltering from the unseasonal cold of the Misty Isle in the ambient body heat of one of the gargantuan grubs. Nothing occurred to disturb our rest, and as the sun rose the party continued onward.

Now on the north shore of the island, we found something almost totally inexplicable. A nude eldish man was trapped with a bathtub, utterly paralyzed and seemingly in great pain. The bathtub was filled with a strange, hardened amber-like substance, and an elaborate two-handed sword was trapped alongside him. Sir Eld could confirm that this was some kind of punishment, but no more. The party attempted to free him, and succeeded in breaking him and the blade out of the amber, but he remained totally rigid and unable to speak. With no obvious way to free him of his affliction, we turned to other matters.

To the North, another island was visible with a small port with a couple of skiffs tied up to a pier. Other paths were to continue circumnavigating the coast, or a road leading South-West back towards the interior. Our party thus had three choices: continue along the coast, which seemed unlikely to be more fruitful than what had already been discovered; brave the still unknown risks and even more uncertain rewards of the interior; or to swim about half a kilometer and attempt to steal one of the skiffs. We quickly settled on the course with the most known risk and most visible reward. We would brave the sea.

For the sake of stealth (and OOC convenience) Sir Leopold, Cynric, and Cypher would be the only ones to cross. The crossing was difficult, and Cynric nearly drowned and suffered damage, but all three made it across undetected. Sneaking around the back of the single warehouse-like building on the island, we heard eldish voices coming from the front of the building. Cynric climbed up the side of the building to the roof, and saw a couple of bored watchmen conversing with each other.

In order to avoid notice, the team decided to take to the water again, swimming along the side of the concrete pier and climbing into one of the skiffs. The controls were difficult to decipher (especially since none present could read eldish) but Cynric was just barely able to discern that the vessel was controlled psychically. After sneaking over into the other boat to sabotage its controls, he piloted the skiff back to shore to pick up the rest of the party.

Shortly thereafter, we were racing away from the Misty Isle of the Eld and back towards the (relative) safety of the Hill Cantons. This would almost certainly not be our last encounter with the eld; but for now we were free.