9 January 2021

Characters Present


We wake, in different clothes, stripped of our possessions. We meet Alan the Bug, who was captured after stealing from some mafia-types.

Our prison cell has 4 beds. There’s a strange bathroom. A hole in the wall with a lip, three pinkish elephant-like trunks. Top one has water. There’s a latrine in the back corner. The room has a strange “suctiony” door.

When food is brought, one Eld brings two companion creatures who are carrying the food and deliver it into the cell.

Sir Leopold investigates the beds. Bunkbeds are made of some sort of metal. The mattresses are tied to it and covered with a cloth covering. They are attached to the wall and fold out. Under one of the mattresses is a small, crumpled piece of paper. There’s a note. Names of 4 people. Lisa, James, Carter, and Bill. Under them there’s a passage “I don’t know why I’m here, but yesterday they took Dan away.” Then there’s a pause and more writing. “I think they’re doing something to us. When they came back with food yesterday, I thought I recognized Dan in one of the Mungos. Woe be unto those who be in the hell of this place.”

Alan investigates the other trunks. They’re in a triangle configuration. The top trunk has water. Flesh-like texture, leathery, rubber ring almost, trunks attached at pinkish flesh. Bottom right has brownish liquid, clear, not chunky. Hot, not steaming. Left one yields no liquid. Holding for a while gives a couple drops.

Q sips the hot liquid just a little bit. Tastes like nice green tea.

Sir Leopold disassembles a bed, giving us clubs.

We hear noises outside. Sir Leopold and I rush to the sides of the doors. An Eld enters. Q misses. Sir Leopold hits. Alan rushes up and hits the Eld. Ono grapples him. Q runs to get bedding to bind and gag him. Sir Leopold stands in the door to keep it open.

The Eld is carrying a baton.

We look outside the door. There’s a hall with a bunch of doors and an upward stairway it the end.

Interrogate the Eld. Find out the doors can be opened by using the fingerprints of a “superior being”.

Sir Leopold opens the room across the hall. A large room. Three mungos inside, cooking. Some are shoveling plant-based stuff into a large basin. There are workbenches along one wall.

Move on to the room next door to our cell. Looks quite similar to our own. We see our hirelings, Edward, Otto, and Simple Sasha.

Next room has supposed criminal. Will kill us all, according to our captive Eld. On the other side of our cell is an animal holding cell, currently empty.

Across the hall from the “criminal” is…Glamdalf! Who accompanies us.

Finally, we open the criminal’s cell. They’re an Eld. They’re lying on the bed. They stand and introduce themself as Sir Eld. “A true and proper knight.” Consider even the lowliest of creatures like ourselves worthy of some sort of living. They’ll join us for their “ascension.” Tells us this facility is where they take captives, put them in vats, transform them into artificial creatures to serve the Eld.

Sir Eld tells us we are likely on The Misty Isle. There are airships and water ships. The Mungos are known as “Eld Men”.

Pour hot waters into the toilets and they open up. Looking down, there’s a biological tunnel with light suction coming from inside. Alan goes down. The suction gets stronger. He lets go, calling “I’ll let you know what I find……”

Q goes upstairs when he hears some voices.

The voices are a couple of ‘vat men’, slow-witted giant creatures. They are lost and trying to find their way back to their assigned posts. Q attempts to convince them to help us escape, but fails. Then he tricks them into entering one of the cells by posing as a supervisor, with the help of Sir Eld.

We briefly investigate the one ordinary door, which turns out to lead into a kitchen. There are three ‘eld men’ working on preparing food, who ignore us. We steal a few kitchen knives, then leave.

With the immediate environment explored, we put the eld captive in one of the cells, then head up the stairs into the rest of the complex.