2017-01-17 Wandering the Swamp

Our four adventurers found their first journey at an end in the center of Black Hollow. Weary from the road, their wizard, Boris retired to the inn to regain his strength.

After further questioning [[Elena?]], they learned that her son was named [[Noren?]]. From there they set off to find the young lady whom [[Noren?]] had been courting prior to his disappearance.

They found [[Lia?]] and her father, [[Garvin?]], at their farmhouse in the northern part of the town. They questioned the pair and learned of some strange goings-on.

The party then traveled to Jalin’s farmhouse ([[Garvin?]]’s neighbor) and learned of the strange things going on in his barn and around the forests nearby.

On their way back into town, the party met and questioned [[Glendila?]], an elderly and quite obviously mad woman who roams the town. After procuring paper and providing silver, she drew them a drawing that they learned showed the home of supposed witch of the swamp.

[[Ilda?]], the innkeeper and local historian, shared some information about [[Glenilda?]], The Black Swamp, and some of the legends around the area.

Feeling that they had learned all they could from the town for now, the party set off into The Black Swamp, leaving word with Boris to catch up to them when he had recuperated. They spent several days searching the swamp, battling frigid water and quicksand, before stumbling into an encounter with an [[Awakened_Tree?]]. Fortunately, they acquitted themselves well and survived until a [[Treant?]] appeared to restore order. From the [[Treant?]] they learned a little more of the layout of the swamp and also some more of its history. The party decided to rest before continuing onward.

Session Summary:

Combat and Loot:

1 [[Awakened_Tree?]]450xp0gp
Quest Rewards200xp0gp

DM’s Note:

Great session again, thanks everyone!

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