2017-02-06 Feywild Detour

Our three weary adventurers finally got a long rest after battling a tree. Boris then appeared, having followed the same ghostly lights and somehow survived the dangers of the swamp unscathed.

The party navigated Northwest in hopes of finding one of the lost elven fountains mentioned in the area’s lore. Too suddenly, the land became more fecund and mild, until they found themselves in a forest. The trees broke and revealed a huge, steaming pool of water.

Next to the water hung a strange bundle of writhing skin and feathers. With some clever dexterity, the party dislodged the [[Flying_Snake?]]s from the beautiful embroidered shirt they were encircling.

No sooner had they claimed their prize, then a kingly [[Steam_Mephit?]] appeared and demanded tribute. After trying to flee, the party was caught in an intense battle with the Steam King and his minions. Our adventurers won the day, but not before losing Astele to the black void of death. Fortunately the survivors acted quickly and dunked her into the now cooling pool of water. Its magical properties revivified her and they licked their wounds in the nearby woods (long rest).

After returning to the pool to investigate it further, they met a satyr named [[Ozendi?]] who helped Boris realize that they had stumbled into the Feywild. Realizing they were somewhere they should not be, they quickly sampled the water from the pool and headed back the way they had come.

Now the party must decide which way to venture next and how exactly they intend to end the curse on Black Hollow.

Session Summary:

Combat and Loot:

8 [[Flying_Snake?]]s (skill victory)200xp75gp (Gold-embroidered shirt)
4 [[Steam_Mephit?]]s200xp180gp (80gp in gems, 100gp in coins)
Quest Rewards0xp0gp

DM’s Note:

You folks survived a tough battle! Now we know just how well you can take a real blow.

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