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Current Adventure A Curse in the Swamp is a homebrew adventure loosely set in The Forgotten Realms. There is a mystery afoot and a growing evil to face. Will our adventurers discover the clues and vanquish evil? Will they…survive?
Current Location Gillamoor - Resupplying and recuperating
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2017-04-17 Lifted Curses

After some preparatory scouting, our brave party took the fight to whatever was infesting Jalin’s house. It turned out to be a ton of [[Boggle?]]s hidden all over the place. After an extended whack-a-mole session, the party emerged from the house covered in weird oils, [[Boggle?]] innards, and a few superficial wounds.

Not stopping for small talk with Jalin, the party put the pieces together and ran over to [[Garvin?]]’s house next door. The adventurers pretty thoroughly frightened the man and his daughter, [[Lia?]], making them think they were being attacked by trolls. However, they soon witnessed the party sparring with the invisible fiend who had been stalking their house until now.

The party eventually knocked out the creature, who turned out to be an invisible [[Noren?]] wearing the Ring of the Invisible Fiend. Unfortunately, no sooner than they had secured [[Noren?]] in rope, Gotum put on the ring and immediately become a hostile threat! Some quick thinking on Boris’s part lured the insane Gotum toward a never-ending pint of beer, which he drank down with surprising focus. This gave his companions time to tie him up too and rescue him from the ring’s influence. Boris took charge of the acursed item, stowing it among his other magical items.

After confirming their suspicions about his bargain with a confused [[Noren?]], the party threatened the rest of the truth about his misdeeds out of him. Barador arrested him and Boris was able to break the Magic Thread binding [[Lia?]] to her home’s foundation. However, the thread required a magical blade to cut it and the only available one, the Dagger of Cruelty wove it’s darkness into Boris while he learned to use its power.

The party reached a bit of a crossroads, on the one hand, eager to kill the witch and finish off her evil doings, on the other hesitant to re-enter the swamp, especially with so many questions remaining about who Sally is. Also, they did not feel the town could pay them well enough to carry out the deed. They did receive the promised payment from [[Elena?]] for the return of her son (100sp), however.

In order to improve their equipment, spend some loot, and generally relax a bit, the party traveled to Gillamoor on horseback. This proved difficult for Boris as his horse seemed always fractious when he tried to ride it.

Once in Gillamoor, they canvased the locals for information, but discovered next to nothing. However, Gotum did pick up a new bounty poster offering 100gp for the capture of a band of highwaymen. Will he or the others be tempted to disband the party and leave Barador to defeat the witch himself?

Session Summary:

  • Defeated the [[Boggles?]] infesting Jalin’s house
  • Rescued [[Noren?]] from the influence of the Ring of the Invisible Fiend (received the promised 100sp [10gp] from [[Elena?]])
  • Rescued [[Lia?]] from her inprisonment within her home
  • Arrested [[Noren?]] and took him to the town’s authorities
  • Swearing to return and defeat the witch, the party set off to resupply and recuperate in Gillamoor

Combat and Loot:

8 [[Boggle?]]s200xp0gp
Quest Rewards1054xp60gp

DM’s Note:

Wow, that was a dense session, no wonder you’re level 3 now!!

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2017-03-20 Clockwork Conclusion

At last, something reaches a conclusion for our party! They challenged Breena and she retaliated with some clockwork surprises. However, after some close calls (looking at you Boris), our adventurers and Varis triumphed over the [[Clockwork_Bruiser?]], [[Clockwork_Giant_Bat?]], and [[Clockwork_Panther?]]. Breena found herself skewered by Barador’s spear, a lesson in the use of his divine powers.

After some obvious self-destructy glowing started, the party followed Varis’s lead and jumped into a celestial moonbeam. Selune rewarded the adventurers for their good deeds and returned them dry and rested to The Witch's Hovel. Varis, it seems, had other duties to attend to.

The party quickly took up the chase after Sally, who appeared to be headed back into town. They followed suit and arrived in Black Hollow only to catch sight of a barn fire. It turns out that Jalin’s barn was in fact on fire. They helped put it out; however, the building was pretty much a total loss. Barador sensed the fire’s source as an evil presence that the party tracked to Jalin’s house. After a brief investigation (and a frazzled Jalin), they are set to flush out whatever is hiding in the shadows and creating this sticky black tar all over the house.

Torches ablaze, the party advances, back-to-back…

Session Summary:

Combat and Loot:

Breena10xp350gp (gold and gems)
Quest Rewards100xp0gp

DM’s Note:

I’m really excited to see how you all approach the mysteries laid out in front of you!

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2017-03-06 Moonlight Mystery

Our weary adventurers were taking a short break in The Witch's Hovel, when all of a sudden they were swallowed up by a huge moonbeam and transported to a bizarre magic-nullifying room!

After wandering through the tower and interrogating some [[Clockwork_Guard?]]s, they learned that A) they were on an island in an old lighthouse, B) the guards are not great conversationalists, and C) that somebody named Breena created them.

Traveling back up the tower, they met Breena and her Servitor clockwork servant. Barador quickly realized she was quite batty. While Breena was distracted, Astele’s Gloves of Pickpocketing showed their true colors and forced her to steal a sprocket from Breena. Very strange!

After being taken down the tower by Servitor (past a workshop with an unfinished dragon clockwork), the players reluctantly spent a few minutes in their rooms. Suddenly a weakness fell upon them and they discovered that another person was trapped there, even weaker than they.

After a battle with some [[Clockwork_Guard?]]s (and technically Servitor), they met Varis, elven acolyte of Selune. He claimed to be sent by his goddess to stop Breena’s use of the moon energy for her clockwork machinations. The party agreed to help stop her. They first wrecked the clockwork dragon and are now preparing to confront Breena, bring an end to her activities, and, hopefully, escape the tower!

Session Summary:

Combat and Loot:

5 [[Clockwork_Guard?]]s250xp0gp
Quest Rewards0xp0gp

DM’s Note:

Another fun session, mechanical creatures and all!

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2017-02-20 Encounter with the Witch

Our intrepid party, rested from their adventure in The Feywild, set off South in search of another elven fountain. However, a creature appeared, a [[Cockatrice?]], which lured them away from their path. “Lured” is the correct word, because after a short chase, it became clear that the creature, valuable for its blood, was in fact an illusion. They briefly encountered the witch, but she escaped on a [[Broom_of_Flying?]].

The party continued on steadfastly, though, and discovered The Witch's Hovel, just as [[Glendila?]] had drawn it for them almost a week prior. Upon searching the hovel, they discovered not only a lot of weird artifacts (which Gotum continually played with throughout the search), but also a young woman named Sally.

Sally shared that she was captured by the witch, chained up under her large table, then largely ignored. The party freed her from her shackles and she shared a number of important details about [[Noren?]]’s visit to the hovel some weeks or month ago. In addition she shared information about a potential rival of the witch’s: a warlock North of there, who might aid the party in their quest.

While the party looted the hovel (acquiring a Black Idol, an Orb of Water Finding, Gloves of Pickpocketing, the Tongue of the Tavern, and a Dagger of Cruelty), Sally slipped away. When the party pursued her, they ran into an image of the witch (that turned out to be another illusion) and 3 [[Swarm_of_Bats?]]! After a short battle, the party defeated the bats and boldly decided to stay the night in The Witch's Hovel.

Session Summary:

Combat and Loot:

3 [[Swarm_of_Bats?]]150xp0gp
Quest Rewards100xp0gp

DM’s Note:

What an interesting session! Many things were not what they seem…

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2017-02-06 Feywild Detour

Our three weary adventurers finally got a long rest after battling a tree. Boris then appeared, having followed the same ghostly lights and somehow survived the dangers of the swamp unscathed.

The party navigated Northwest in hopes of finding one of the lost elven fountains mentioned in the area’s lore. Too suddenly, the land became more fecund and mild, until they found themselves in a forest. The trees broke and revealed a huge, steaming pool of water.

Next to the water hung a strange bundle of writhing skin and feathers. With some clever dexterity, the party dislodged the [[Flying_Snake?]]s from the beautiful embroidered shirt they were encircling.

No sooner had they claimed their prize, then a kingly [[Steam_Mephit?]] appeared and demanded tribute. After trying to flee, the party was caught in an intense battle with the Steam King and his minions. Our adventurers won the day, but not before losing Astele to the black void of death. Fortunately the survivors acted quickly and dunked her into the now cooling pool of water. Its magical properties revivified her and they licked their wounds in the nearby woods (long rest).

After returning to the pool to investigate it further, they met a satyr named [[Ozendi?]] who helped Boris realize that they had stumbled into the Feywild. Realizing they were somewhere they should not be, they quickly sampled the water from the pool and headed back the way they had come.

Now the party must decide which way to venture next and how exactly they intend to end the curse on Black Hollow.

Session Summary:

  • Discovered a pool in the Feywild
  • Freed a 75gp shirt from a tree branch covered with [[Flying_Snake?]]s
  • Battled and defeated [[Steam_Mephit?]]s
  • Traveled back into the [[Black_Swamp?]]

Combat and Loot:

8 [[Flying_Snake?]]s (skill victory)200xp75gp (Gold-embroidered shirt)
4 [[Steam_Mephit?]]s200xp180gp (80gp in gems, 100gp in coins)
Quest Rewards0xp0gp

DM’s Note:

You folks survived a tough battle! Now we know just how well you can take a real blow.

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2017-01-17 Wandering the Swamp

Our four adventurers found their first journey at an end in the center of Black Hollow. Weary from the road, their wizard, Boris retired to the inn to regain his strength.

After further questioning [[Elena?]], they learned that her son was named [[Noren?]]. From there they set off to find the young lady whom [[Noren?]] had been courting prior to his disappearance.

They found [[Lia?]] and her father, [[Garvin?]], at their farmhouse in the northern part of the town. They questioned the pair and learned of some strange goings-on.

The party then traveled to Jalin’s farmhouse ([[Garvin?]]’s neighbor) and learned of the strange things going on in his barn and around the forests nearby.

On their way back into town, the party met and questioned [[Glendila?]], an elderly and quite obviously mad woman who roams the town. After procuring paper and providing silver, she drew them a drawing that they learned showed the home of supposed witch of the swamp.

[[Ilda?]], the innkeeper and local historian, shared some information about [[Glenilda?]], The Black Swamp, and some of the legends around the area.

Feeling that they had learned all they could from the town for now, the party set off into The Black Swamp, leaving word with Boris to catch up to them when he had recuperated. They spent several days searching the swamp, battling frigid water and quicksand, before stumbling into an encounter with an [[Awakened_Tree?]]. Fortunately, they acquitted themselves well and survived until a [[Treant?]] appeared to restore order. From the [[Treant?]] they learned a little more of the layout of the swamp and also some more of its history. The party decided to rest before continuing onward.

Session Summary:

  • Questioned the townsfolk and learned enough to continue (200xp)
  • Initiated quest to rid the town of “strange goings on”
  • Survived the quicksand
  • Traveled from Black Hollow to The Black Swamp

Combat and Loot:

1 [[Awakened_Tree?]]450xp0gp
Quest Rewards200xp0gp

DM’s Note:

Great session again, thanks everyone!

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2017-01-09 The Adventure Begins

Our four adventurers met by chance at a table in The Frowning Goat. After meeting fellow adventurer Expositionus and learning of the lack of caravans traveling through the area, despite the season, they spent some time introducing themselves.

A woman, [[Elena?]], burst into the tavern and beseeched the party to return to her home in Black Hollow and search for her son. After some discussion, she offered to arrange a guard job for an upcoming lumber shipment heading to Black Hollow.

The party (except Gotum who passed out during a drinking content with Boris) questioned [[the_Frowning_Goat_bartender?]] (no one asked his name :P) about Black Hollow. He offered to sell them a map of the surrounding area, but sensing his slippery nature, the party declined.

After a supply run, the party traveled East down the road toward Black Hollow. On their way they were stalked and attacked by 2 [[Darkling?]]s in the dead of night. Two days later, their shipment was blocked by 5 shrubs (details unknown) that came to life when Boris tried to remove them with fire. After three days of travel, they arrived at Black Hollow, stopping by the inn.

Session Summary:

  • Initiated quest to save [[Elena?]]’s son
  • Completed job to transport the lumber (6gp)
  • Traveled from Gillamoor to Black Hollow

Combat and Loot:

2 [[Darkling?]]s200xp17gp
5 shrubs50xpno loot
Quest Rewards0xp6gp

DM’s Note:

Thanks for being such cool people during my first session as a DM! It was super fun :-)

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2016-12-31 Preface...

All four of our would-be adventurers find themselves in Gillamoor. There is a festival coming up, Midwinter, and this means increased merchant traffic through the trading town. The merchants will be looking out for wagon escorts (guards) to protect their goods. This is a time-honored way to begin a career in adventuring and the festival preparations seem like a perfect opportunity.

The party has not formed up yet, but soon events will bind them together. While they each bring their own unique backgrounds, the adventure unfolding before these fledgling heros will grant new insights, experiences, and skills. However, perils lurk ahead as well. It will take luck, cunning, and courage to succeed. May they find all three when the need arises…

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