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Current Adventure The Grinning Idol is a homebrew adventure loosely set in The Forgotten Realms. A demon haunts the party’s steps, a new companion joins their ranks, and they seem to find trouble wherever they go!
Current Location The Treacherous Country - traipsing through the desert
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2017-11-06 What to do? What to Do?

Our heroes were last seen traipsing through a crumbling mansion in a strange and long-past world. Among other things they battled a [[poltergeist?]] and finished off the [[Evil_Doll?]]. The final battle occurred in the general’s old office. [[Gertrude_the_Night_Hag?]] let loose undead against the party. After several rounds of combat, our heroes took down the old witch, and with her, the necrotic magic keeping the mansion upright.

Combat and Loot:

3 [[Ghoul?]]s600xp0gp

DM’s Note:

I have a lot of stuff worked out, but I don’t have a clue who is going to take the throne!

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2017-10-22 A Demonic Time Spiral

When we last left our heroes, they were facing down a tense situation with a couple of skeptical [[Yuan-ti_Pureblood?]]s. Whelp, it turned out that neither they nor their 4 hidden friends had been swayed by Sitlali’s guile. However, they had spent too much time behind desks and so the fight didn’t last long or go in their favor.

The party explored the offices and discovered a huge trove of intelligence data, no doubt assembled by Talash’s spy network. It seemed to contain the comings and going of anyone remotely important in the city. Gotum discovered one crate entirely devoted to the Mildfire family and the many attempts on their life. It seemed to paint both the countess and her son the marquis, Adrien Mildfire, in a completely innocent light. At least as innocent as nobles tend to be.

Before the heroes could rally their spirits to delve into the stronghold proper, a familiar, raspy voice echoed in their minds. Onuxar, silent for some time now, announced that their partnership was at an end and that he would have to do away with them to find new opportunities. He chided the party that they might have been aided in their efforts to thwart Talash if only they had accepted his help.

With that, a blackness overcame the party and when they awoke, they were in a barren, desolate place. After some investigation they learned three things: there was no life anywhere in the surrounding area, there was only one building still standing, and they had been transported to the distant past!

The building, with a single red light burning high up, was a mansion within a once-splendid grounds. The party managed to make their way inside only to be accosted by all sorts of nasty things: [[gargoyle?]]s, [[ghost?]]s, [[ghoul?]]s, and even a [[zombie_beholder?]]! Oh, and there’s a creepy doll too…

Now as they make their way through the creaking upstairs kitchen, the evil they have been tracking seems very close. Will they find a way home or become yet another group of souls trapped forever in this ancient home?

Combat and Loot:

6 [[Yuan-ti_Pureblood?]]s1200xp60gp
2 [[Gargoyle?]]s900xp0gp
2 [[Ghoul?]]s400xp0gp

DM’s Note:

Do you ever just stop and ask yourself, “what am I doing with my life?”

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2017-10-02 Out of the Mine, Into the Sewer

We last saw our heroes in the bowels of the Mildfire Iron Mine, fighting off an apparent Underdark infestation. Having slain a band of [[Grimlock?]]s, the party trekked on toward the largest cave, presumably the source of the surge of evil creatures.

Dark signs were discovered on the walls of the approach tunnel, clearly telegraphing the malicious intent of the inscribers. Indeed, they managed to surprise a pair of [[Troglodyte?]] guards. The sentries silenced, they party came upon a decision: travel to the West and explore dazzling lights or turn right and delve into darkness.

Choosing the lighted part of the cavern first, they came upon a bewildering creature with four arms and a great, lolling tongue where a head might have been. Gotum took the initiative and tried to communicate with the thing via his pipes. The performance resulted in a swirling, reality-reshaping display, as the creature joined its own strange powers with Gotum’s song. The party managed to disengage with the creature, but not before it created a Staff of the Adder, which it sent sailing right in Sitlali’s direction. They took the hint.

Departing the strange creature left only one unexplored avenue. The party quickly found themselves in the main [[Troglodyte?]] camp, apparently that of a scouting party. A battle ensued with the trogs and their pet [[Giant_Toad?]], but eventually they won the day. The toughest looking trog had been wielding an apparently stolen greataxe, which Gotum quickly realized was enchanted (+1). Looking around, they also found a Medallion of Thoughts.

Seeking greater adventure, the party ventured into the opening which apparently led down into the Underdark. They stopped short, however, realizing a great, floating eye was staring back at them. It began to silently approach and our heroes decided it was a pretty good time to collapse the Underdark entrance. They escaped the mine and lived to fight another day.

The party made their way back to the Marquis and his valet to explain the goings on below. They kept the details about treasure to themselves, but did warn Adrien Mildfire to be wary of [[Bugbears?]], the [[Xorn?]] (who they maintained was harmless), and the strange thing in the prismatic cavern. Sitlali and the others did notice a bright emerald pinned to his breast (matching a jewelry box that was given to him by an associate of Talash), and asked the Marquis for any details he could give them about his apparent benefactor. He was light on details other than saying they were a “foreigner” who wished to gain influence with the court of Dreashire.

In recognition of their deeds (aside from 600 gold), Adrien Mildfire bestowed upon our heroes “The Order of Farmeadows,” which grants them some standing in the court and admittance to his club [[The_Roaring_Demon?]].

Taking leave of the Marquis, the party traveled back to the city to rest up in [[The_Abbey_of_the_Just_Hammer?]]. They decide to head down into the sewers next to take down the evil Talash. Tunfur the Stout repeats his challenge to Barador and this time he gets an answer. Barador swears to defend the weak from evil and to rid this city of any evils that plague it, starting with Talash. Tunfur proclaims Barador as a “Sword of Tyr” and knights him with a Longsword (+1), which he charges him to carry as a representative of [[The_Knights_of_the_Merciful_Sword?]].

Retcon: During their recovery and planning in the abbey, Sitlali recognized the gold liberated from the [[Bugbears?]] had a yuan-ti insignia stamped onto it, clearly Talash’s doing. It seems the [[Bugbears?]] were in the employ of the Nightmare Speaker.

The sewer is warm, dry, and inviting. Wait - strike that, reverse it. Anyway, the party makes a full-on frontal assault on Talash's Nest, taking down [[zombie?]]s and a [[yuan-ti_broodguard?]] just to get through the front door. With their newfound strength, they break through and find themselves facing down a couple of [[yuan-ti_pureblood?]] clerks, by all accounts. Sitlali tries at her guile, but in the heat of the moment things go sideways and combat begins…

Combat and Loot:

11 [[Troglodyte?]]s500xp400gp
3 [[Zombie?]]s150xp0gp

DM’s Note:

Boy, that demon hasn’t said much recently…

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2017-09-18 A Plunge into Unknown Depths

We returned to our heroes in the study of Nibblepip, pelting the conjurer with questions about all manner of things. He shared what he was able and promised to help them should they need to travel any great distances such as to The Treacherous Country. There is a teleportation circle installed in The Keep of Dreashire, but the party will need to acquire some sway with the ruling family in order to gain access to it.

On their way out of The Yellow Finger, two members of [[The_Bloody_Knuckles?]] gang caught up with Gotum and offered information about the thieves that they had chased previously. They were apparently Kenku!

In the abbey there was no further sign of the party that had gone off to the sewers to deal with the undead menace. The party shared more of their collected information and formulated a plan. They realized they had enough pieces to create a map of the sewers and how to get to where Talash is apparently hiding down there. However, they still fear the fate of the previous group.

While discussing, Sitlali learns of the iron mine’s problems and the party learns of [[Sitlai?]]’s clue about the jewelry box for Adrien Mildfire, the Marquis of Farmeadows. They see Adrien as their way into the Mildfire’s good graces and head off toward Farmeadows to see why workers are disappearing.

Approaching the Marquis’ tent, they meet (kind of scare) Talosh, the Marquis’ valet and all-around personal assistant. He informs them that something has been causing miners to disappear and the accounts vary wildly as survivors run out. He offers them some gold (which they haggle him up on) and some kind of favor on behalf of the Marquis, though he’s vague on what this will be. Without further ado, they descend an elevator down the side of the quarry and make their way to the mouth of the mine.

They clear out a den of kobolds and find a huge stash of items stolen from the local area:

They also wipe out some bugbear guards (clearly guarding the den of the larger bugbear contingent). And finally they are harried by some [[Grimlock?]]s and a [[Darkmantle?]] (but survive!).

Now they walk down to what the map shows as the final chamber…what waits in store for them?

Combat and Loot:

6 [[Kobold?]]s150xp405gp
2 [[Bugbear?]]s400xp140gp
4 [[Grimlock?]]s200xp0gp

DM’s Note:

Hope you brought your noseplugs! It’s time for some old school Underdark ;-)

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2017-09-05 Escape from the Wizard's Basement

Our three trapped heroes find themselves recuperating briefly after completing the first harrowing room of what they will soon learn is a temple to Shar. They lay slumped in a darkened hallway, but are on guard for the next threat. Shortly after they arrive, a figure appears coming toward them from the opposite end of the tunnel. They ready their weapons, but it is merely Sitlali come to find and aid them.

They share a little of their adventures since they parted while they collectively rest up for the next encounter. It seems Sitlali was lured into the dungeon (which she claims is a box) by Nibblepip the Conjurer. The rest of the party in turn lets her know about some of the rumors they picked up at the bar and the strange goings on in the sewers.

During the rest period, Gotum takes a nap and seems to have some kind of vision. Upon waking, he insists that the party decide on a group name. Somehow, after much deliberation, they decide on “Wizard Business,” perhaps in homage to their mysteriously vanished wizard companion.

Continuing on through the hallway, they find a puzzling room full of mirrors and death. They make it out, both with their lives and a Potion of Diminution. Next is a room of cold, mysteries, and lies. They escape that one as well, though only after being blasted with cold water.

Lastly they clamber between gears, pulleys, springs, and piston in the clockwork room. Nothing seems to make sense, but finally a lever snaps and the room reveals a way out. They do find a nice key, though, worth some gold.

The final chamber contains the amulet, buried in a bronze bowl of gems. Just as they reach it, the room rotates and they find themselves falling out through the ceiling - now a familiar wall of blackness. Our party tumbled out…onto the floor of the wizard’s study. Nibblepip sets to laughing at the joke he played on them, insisting that he wouldn’t have let them come to harm. He also takes the amulet, the purpose of their errand, and places it back in a box on his desk, which appears to house the final room of the “basement.”

In order to mollify them, he agrees to let them keep whatever they found down there, plus he offers them a pair of Boots of Speed. And of course, he will answer their rather pressing questions…

Combat and Loot:

Previous Session’s Combats1000xp0gp
4 Sets of [[Enchanted_Armor?]]800xp0gp

DM’s Note:

This might have been your first “real” dungeon crawl as a party. Hope you’re ready for more ;-)

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2017-08-21 Dreashire Investigations

Our intrepid heroes spent some time after their triumphant battle to talk with [[Florna?]] the biolognost. She was able to provide a bunch of detailed information about demons and other things related to their demonic troubles. It seems answer may lie in The Treacherous Country, a forbidding place far to the South. They were able to copy a map of the terrain.

Before leaving The Library of Kelemvor, the party took a detour to visit Brother Namfoodle to ask about removing some of their curses. In order to begin analyzing the curses, Brother Namfoodle asked Sitlali to remove her illusions, which, upon doing so, revealed her scaly arms. After some circumlocution, she was revealed to be a Yuan-ti agent investingating a more evil yuan-ti named Talash. After this sidebar, Astele managed to have her silver embroidered Gloves of Pickpocketing repaired, removing the curse portion of their effect! Sitlali was able to purchase a scroll of Remove Curse and cleared away the devil’s mark from her face.

Sister Zora wished them a fond fairwell after ridding her library of devils, and the party wandered straight for the bar. Or rather, everyone but Sitlali who went her own way to check in with her handler and look for more clues on her mission.

Arriving at [[The_Leering_Wolf?]], a low-key tavern popular among low-born locals and travelers alike, Astele, Barador, and Gotum spread around ale and coin in search of aid and information. They learned a number of useful things. Also, Barador convinced a few boys from [[The_Bloody_Knuckles_Gang?]] to keep an eye out for anything related to the robbery from the previous night.

As the bar began to wind down, an urchin grabbed at Barador’s cloak and told him that his friend had been grabbed by a dead man with a long tongue. The child mentioned that it happened in the same area where the party had seen the [[Gelatinous_Cube?]] the night before. The party investigated and found evidence of desecration, but after their previous battle and with no knowledge of the terrain, they sought the help of The Abby of the Just Hammer.

The abbot, Tunfur the Stout, rounded up a number of paladins, acolytes, and city guards and ordered the undead destroyed and the child returned. When the party awoke, they still had not heard back from the search party and Tunfur was dubious about their fate. He urged Barador and his companions not to throw away their lives and instead to find out more about what might be going on. Rarely do undead appear randomly - there is usually sorcery at work.

The party first collected a map of the sewers from The Library of Kelemvor, which they will hopefully be able to leverage with any other clues they discover. Seeking further knowledge, the party entered The Yellow Finger in hopes of receiving aid from the wizard Nibblepip. He says that he has forgotten much of the knowledge that they seek and hopes that they will find his memory amulet for him. He says it’s in the “basement,” which seems to be a closet in his tower study.

Long story short…it’s a portal, the party is in a dungeon, and life is dangerous.

Combat and Loot:

To be determined during the next session…

DM’s Note:

I bet Sitlali will be along shortly…wonder what she’s been up to…

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2017-08-07 Library Delving

Our adventurers awoke to…administrative minutia! Astele got some pricing info for her skins, the players discovered a handy apothecary shop nearby, and Barador got a nudge from Tunfur the Stout that he should be considering his great quest.

In-town details put to bed, the party headed over to The Library of Kelemvor to consult the acolytes there about demons. It turns out that the library not only handles all things knowledge-related, but also all things death-related (funerals, gravedigging, who knows what else). They made their way past Brother Pavelle, who was keeping watch at the door, and were directed by [[Bastet?]] the Temple Cat to the rector, Sister Zora. She took their request for access to the Restricted Section (which contains a lot of books on demons) into consideration and sent them into the stacks to seek knowledge more conventionally.

Long story short…everybody had a bit of an adventure. Three heroes learned the following…

Library Discoveries:

Sitlali: “How can I protect my mind from a demon reading my mind?”

  • In order to protect your mind from divination magic, such as Detect Thoughts, you’d need some kind of defensive divination magic such as Nondetection or Mind Blank. However, generally those are wizard spells and not accessible to a cleric, such as yourself. There are magic items such as Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location, but as you know, magic items are tough to find.
  • In order to protect yourself from possession, you’d need to either have Protection from Evil and Good in place or Dispel Evil and Good after the fact. Possession doesn’t always allow for mind reading, but it can be very invasive.
  • Maybe don’t hang out with demons.

Astele: “What can I learn about Onuxar from history?”

  • The name is clearly of Abyssal origin, signifying it is associated with demons.
  • The name is not particularly common of demons.
  • The most commonly mentioned demon of that name in the literature is referred to as “Onuxar Fornar.” It is unclear if this is part of the demon’s True Name or merely a title/honorific.
  • Onuxar Fornar is known as a tempter of lesser creatures, a behavior common to Glabrezu.
  • It is unknown which demon lord or layer of The Abyss this demon is associated with.
  • This demon has not been cited in historical literature for at least 500 years.

Barador: “What was happening when I saw Illyria through that smokey haze?”

Ethereal Plane

  • The entire Material Plane is surrounded by the Ethereal Plane, which is invisible to creatures of the Material. Generally one can move in any direction in this plane, even if they would “pass through” something visible to them in the Material. However, other ethereal objects or denizens are just as solid to them as material items are to material creatures. Planar portals in the Ethereal Plane appear as “curtains” to those in that plane, their color signifying which plane they lead to.
  • Unlike the phenomenon in the Astral Plane, creatures who die in the Ethereal Plane fully die.
  • Like all planes, portals are required to travel from one plane to another. Wizards and other high-level mages can travel from one plane to another by arcane means. There also exist natural portals, though these often have fixed destinations and may be accompanied by additional dangers.

Drow Banishment

  • Drow have an interesting relationship with the Ethereal Plane. As their racial roots tie back to a demonic layer in The Abyss, death is a not always considered a severe enough punishment for true traitors. In rare occasions, drow traitors will be banished by their fellows to the Ethereal Plane with only a Necklace of Nourishment (to keep them fed and watered) and a poison-coated dagger. There they must last as long as they can among the many dangers within.

Gotum met with the library’s expert on all things occult and arcane, Brother Namfoodle. The timid gnome couldn’t help much with the idol problem, but he did offer to help with more conventional kinds of curses. Gotum considered the upsides and downside of his Tongue of the Tavern and ultimately decided it was more useful around his neck than not.

After some illusory hijinks, the party re-assembled and were greeted by Sister Zora, who offered to let them access the Restricted Section if…they could access the Restricted Section. She told them of the [[Titivillus?]] infesting its stacks and how its deterrent qualities had now become quite disruptive to regular library business.

She encouraged them to travel down there quickly, lest it grow more powerful. They did so, met a [[Paper_Drake?]], and eventually got into a slugfest with a host of devils. Their efforts were aided near the end by [[Florna?]], a bibliognost, who had been in hiding from the [[Titivillus?]]. She handsomely rewarded them for their aid, including 3 spell scrolls, a [[Potion_of_Greater_Healing?]], and a bunch of treasure. She has also offered to serve as their private librarian as they comb the stacks looking for ways to banish Onuxar.

Session Summary:

  • Did administrative stuff
  • Explored the library a bit, learning some useful lore
  • Fought a pitched battled in the Restricted Section
  • Made friends with [[Florna?]]

Combat and Loot:

2 [[Kalke?]]100xp0gp
2 [[Imp?]]s400xp0gp

DM’s Note:

Now that you’ve “conquered” the library, time to study up!

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2017-07-24 Urban Heist Hijinks

With a mysterious engagement on their minds, the party planned out their evening in the rear rooms of The Abby of the Just Hammer. As a part of that plan, they spoke to Tunfur the Stout, who gave them a explanation of the layout out of the city. For the time being, they are free to stay at the abbey until they head out of the city. The three friends of Barador’s will need to pay a lifestyle expense, however.

With Tunfur gone, Astele, Gotum, and Barador decided to case what was to be their meeting place with the mysterious people at 10 bells. The Luck of the Lion turned out to be a curio and antiques shop for the upper classes. Run by [[Eldeth_Lutgehr?]], a dwarf woman with little patience for outcast dwarves and their friends, our heroes quickly found themselves outside the shop again, smarting from a good tonguelashing.

Meanwhile Sitlali remained back at the abbey, meditating. Or was she…?

Eventually the whole party met up outside of The Luck of the Lion and were greeted by…nothing - at least at first! At almost the same time, our heroes heard a noise in the shop, Gotum attempted to axe the door down, and the town guard came around the corner. Gotum was able to convince the guards that they were on the side of good. Relations with the authorities smoothed over, the guards investigated the shop, but to no avail. However, a group of black-clad thieves were seen escaping via the roof and a chase ensued.

The thieves managed to lose their pursuers, but the chase provided cover for a few surprising twists. Gotum walked into The Luck of the Lion and trashed the place! He also picked up a packet of Dust of Dryness sitting on her counter. Sitlali on the other hand, spied a suspicious-looking character and clocked him as the person observing their apparent “test.” The details of their conversation were…vague.

Finally the party returned to their lodgings, winded but unharmed. Still spoiling for trouble, Gotum convinced Sitlali and Barador to venture out to the more disreputable quarter. On their way…they met with an escaped sewer [[Gelatinous_Cube?]] and it surprisingly didn’t eat them. :-P

Now the party has returned home for a good night’s sleep. They’ve decided to start their next day with a more scholarly pursuit at The Library of Kelemvor.

Session Summary:

  • Learned the key facts about Dreashire (200xp)
  • Chased after the thieves on the roof of The Luck of the Lion
  • Tangled with a [[Gelatinous_Cube?]] (half XP)

Combat and Loot:

[[Gelatinous_Cube?]]1/2 of 450xp = 225xp0gp

DM’s Note:

A few of you need a bath, otherwise, it’s off to the halls of higher learning!

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2017-07-14 Subterranean Terror

Setting out once again on their journey to Dreashire for more information on their various quandaries, the party traveled down the Northwesterly road. As the sun rose, so did the temperature, ending up as the hottest day that year so far. Fields of tulips (each field a different color) spread out far across the landscape, indicating the city was not too far off now.

In the morning, the party discovered a curious rock, that, upon closer inspection, appeared to be the petrified body of a [[Treant?]]. The area was well trampled, indicating this to be some kind of roadside attraction. Strange!

As our heroes continued, they began to note that the small rocky outcroppings that jutted out of the soil periodically were changing in substance. Crystalline structures began to replace regular stone. Several of the party members even noticed one of these structures slightly moving in the distance.

The adventurers left the road to seek out this oddity. They found the trail leading away from the road to be covered in a thin sheet of glass. This led them to the anomaly, not a moving crystal, but a giant [[Flail_Snail?]]. Quickly deciding to act on the side of profit, they attack the snail, hoping to harvest its valuable shell.

The snail put up a fight and proved a challenge to hit. It narrowly managed to escape through a break in the rock. Following behind, the party slid down a glass passageway and found themselves in a dark cavern. Immediately they found themselves attacked by some hungry [[Gray_Ooze?]]s and a [[Black_Pudding?]]. There were some close calls during the fight, but together they hacked up the oozes and made their way to finish off the dying snail.

The party finally made their way to the gates of Dreashire. After some negotiations with the guards, they found themselves in the [[Outer_Ring?]], an impoverished urban neighborhood. There they met [[Rif?]], who shared a bit of information about the city’s criminal element, all while taking a few coins from their pockets for some bogus tickets. He told them of [[The_Bloody_Knuckles_Gang?]], led by someone named [[Nafaram?]], [[The_Brown_Takers?]], and the ailing countess who rules the city from the center of the [[Inner_Ring?]].

There was some intrigue as Astele received a mysterious message from a red-haired girl, who disappeared nearly as soon as Astele had seen her. “10 bells, Luck of the Lion, out front,” said the note. She was also handed a sack of 100gp.

The party regrouped (and lost [[Rif?]]’s interest) by the time they reached Barador’s contacts within the city, The Abby of the Just Hammer. They were able to secure lodging in the back at modest lifestyle expenses and were also able to take care of their planned horsetrading. Now what will do they do next in this brand new city?

Session Summary:

  • Chased down a [[Flail_Snail?]] at the expense of a fight with some oozes [Got the shell]
  • Made their way into Dreashire (400xp), meeting several mysterious people on the street
  • Sought lodgings at The Abby of the Just Hammer

Combat and Loot:

2 [[Gray_Ooze?]]s200xp0gp

DM’s Note:

Will you make your appointment? What’s the money for??

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2017-06-26 A New Path, A New Ally?

Tired from their quest, our adventurers enjoyed a warm, if muted welcome in Black Hollow after defeating Sally Mudwallow. [[Ilda?]] presented them with a Scroll of Revivify, which will surely come in handy in the future! In addition, they are now Heroes of Black Hollow, and will receive free lodging and possibly aid from those who dwell in the small village. It’s a start at least, for a party hoping to grow in fame.

However, while taking in the thanks of the village, they were in for a nasty surprise: Gotum almost murdered [[Glendila?]] as a result of Onuxar’s influence! This near-tragedy has shaken Gotum’s confidence for sure. He must have been made vulnerable due to his repeated use of the demon’s gifts.

After a short respite in Black Hollow’s inn, they traveled back to Gillamoor to resupply, regroup, and, most importantly, try to learn more about some of their recent magical encounters.

  • Astele collected more arrows from a local vendor and met a stranger selling good luck charms. She turned out to be a cleric of some sort representing [[Tymora?]] and her name was Sitlali.
  • Barador searched in vain for any news of Illyria, whom he had hoped to meet in Gillamoor. However, no word of her surfaced and he haunted the window of The Frowning Goat while waiting for her.
  • Gotum sought a way to shake himself free of demonic influence in Gillamoor’s chapel, but the acolytes there could only point him toward Dreashire and The Library of Kelemvor, where greater knowledge was likely had.

After agreeing to wait with Barador for at least a month, the party spent their time recuperating. Astele and Gotum both got to know Sitlali a little better, as she was a cleric and might know something about demons, but she too could only point them to The Library of Kelemvor. Astele ended up buying a charm (and Gotum clocked her as a charlatan).

The spell of this urbanity interlude ended once Gotum realized he had awoken covered in blood that was definitely not his own. It seemed Onuxar would not be satisfied with simple hunting trips at night. He convinced Barador to leave his post and travel onward to Dreashire. He also accepted Sitlali’s offer to come along too. It seems she enjoys passing from one town to the next, though her motives are unclear.

On the road, the party was beset by a small troop of [[Hobgoblin?]]s only a day after they left town. It seems a bounty had been placed on their heads and these creatures had been sent to capture them. The battle was swift and decidedly in our heros’ favor, however, it added haste to their travels.

A few days later, the party encountered the strange fog again and saw Illyria once more. This time, she arrived with some unwelcome visitors, [[Phase_Spider?]]s! The creatures passed in and out of existence, attacking with venomous fangs. They seemed to threaten Illyria as well, while in her misty realm. Finally our heroes put down the spiders and Barador’s love faded from view once more.

Now the party is camped out and hoping for a swift journey to Dreashire, where maybe their questions could be answered.

Session Summary:

  • The party was rewarded by [[Ilda?]] with a Scroll of Revivify.
  • Gotum is experiencing missing time and the urge to kill, which apparently he has done at least once!
  • Sitlali has joined the party!
  • Mercenary [[Hobgoblin?]]s attacked!
  • [[Phase_Spiders?]] attacked (during another sighting of Illyria)!

Combat and Loot:

3 [[Hobgoblin?]]s300xp0gp
2 [[Phase_Spider?]]s2100xp0gp

Remember, Sitlali is keeping her share of the loot!

DM’s Note:

Get your city clothes on!

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