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Barador Lightseeker

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Alias: Barador Son of Badwaelda


Barador is rather tall (5’0”) for a dwarf and his close cropped well maintained beard does not resemble the typical Dwarven style. His skin is pale, his eyes green, and his hair red. Dwarven runes are branded into the left side of his and in the low light they faintly glow blue.


A foot soldier in Hon Durul's army, Barador Son of Badwaelda has been on many campaigns into the under dark and against the Drow city, Ilm Entheas. On one of his first campaigns 60 years ago he and a drow ranger were separated from the battle when an Umber Hulk was awakened and collapsed part of the tunnel they were in. These two mortal enemies found themselves cut off and facing death unless they worked together. This unlikely alliance sparked something stronger, love. As the two battled through the tunnel network saving each other from the constant dangers of the underdark they found solace in a hot spring. Knowing neither of their people would accept this relationship and partnership they did not tell of it and both were hailed as heroes for surviving such a perilous journey alone. Barador was given the name Lightseeker in recognition of his journey out of the darkness. Over the next 50 years Barador Lightseeker and Illyria Chasmstrider would meet back down in those tunnels as often as they could get a message to one another.

It was during one of these meetings when the dwarven spy master, Ilum Whispersmith, stepped out of the shadows and his Spiders stood at the ready at both entrances to the spring. He was taken into custody, named a traitor, a spy, and a drow lover. The spymaster told him they’d already killed the drow spy. His beard and head were shaved and his crimes were branded into the left side of his head. Stripped of all possessions he was cast out onto the surface high in the peaks and left to die.

He would have too had he not been come upon by an elderly cleric, Cleric Auburn, on a pilgrimage. This cleric he would swear appeared to him in the form of a god. She took him in and brought him to her temple to heal and in that temple he slowly began to piece his shattered world back together. He found family in the church. He found purpose in the church. He found a calling as a soldier of Tyr.

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