Beltan's Mine

A silver mine near Highforge, operated by Beltan. The silver mine’s not that deep, but there is a good vein of silver. The mine starts near the base of a bluff, and follows the layers of the earth into the side of the bluff. The bluff is very high. There’s a hilly plateau up there. The vein breaks into a cavern with a natural chimney from where it continous in several directions.

The chimney cavern is revealed behind a dwarven door. The doorway opens onto a ledge, and beyond the ledge, shadowy darkness. The sound of water dripping on water echoes up from below, suggesting there is a pool or lake down there. Here and there on the cavern walls, patches of blue fungus glow with a soft, blue light, lighting the chimney as if under a clear, moon-lit sky. A pair of circular plants trailing foliage drift lazily by the doorway, and looking upward, you can see that the center of the large chimney is filled with the floating plant life, drifting here and there. Some distance away, you see a procession of red glowing lights moving along the wall like a procession of torchbearers – a group of fire beetles grazing on the blue fungus, perhaps?

As your eyes adjust to the soft, blue light, you make out the overall outline of the cavern walls among the shadows. The diameter of the chimney is perhaps 80-100 paces at the level of the ledge. The chimney is not quite vertical, leaning toward your position, and the near side of the cavern appears damper than the far side. The walls are uneven with many ledges, crevices and other rock structures that, to an accomplished climber, appear almost as a natural pathway around the outside of the chimney. You cannot see how far up or down the chimney extends, as the soft, blue light fades into shadows beyond 100 paces or so.

Further up one can find the entrance to the Petrified Beholder Cave

Further up the chimney is another cave entrance to The Portal Room