Campaign Map

The hexes are 3 mile hexes. Terrain on the map includes open, forest, heavy forest, forested hills, hills/low mountains, moor, river, road and trail. You are familiar with Kelvin, Highforge, Guido’s Fort, the Gnomes’ Ferry and Beltan’s Silver Mine.

The site of the Battle of the Volaga River is where the ancient heroes of Traladara defeated the great beastman horde. Rifllian is an elven town. Lumm is an abandoned and ruined Traladaran town. Misha’s Ferry is a ferry south, into the Dymrak Forest.

Today, the party moved north of Kelvin, met the caravan, and came back south with the caravan. The road allows movement at the normal rate. Movement off-road is slowed by mud (or snow).

Move away (more than one hex) from a civilized area, and there is a risk of beastman attack. Generally, goblins to the east, hobgoblins/gnolls to the northwest and orcs/gnolls to the north east. Occasionally, one runs into other threats.