Group Overview

An overview of all the party members. With health, weapon and employment status.

Name Damage StatusEmploymentWeaponsArmourMount Occupation
Brokk0ok PC crossbow, axe Elven Chain Horse Delver 2
Halav0ok PC sword Mule+Horse Bard 1
Hesper0ok PC staff None Horse Witch 1
Intombe0ok PC None Wizard 1?
Lempi3ok PC kukri, crossbow chainmail and shield Horse Collector 1
Malagorn0ok PC lycanthrope slayer sword +?lamellar,shield +1Horse Fighter 5
[[Sholmo?]]11, 2 stable now PC None Wizard 1?
Yrsa0ok PC staff Bracers of Armor AC 5Mule Witch 1
Alia0ok Henchmen composite bow LeatherLight Horse Barbarian 1
Janus05,4 dying Henchmen mace Chainmail, Shield 0
Thett0ok Henchmen crossbow, sword chainmail, shield Fighter 2
Galdar19, 4 shock but recover with 1 hp Henchmen crossbow, hand axe chainmail, shield Vaultguard 2
Relgar 0ok Mercenary spear, dagger ringmail, shieldlight infantry
Nimion 0ok Mercenary handaxe, daggerringmail, shieldlight infantry
Derwin 3+damaged kneeMercenary, stationed in Highforgesword,dagger chainmail and shieldlight infantry
Hrolf 1 HP 19,5NPC

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