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Highforge is nestled on the inside edge of the nearest tip of the Wufwolde Ridge, about a third the way up the slope of the mountain. The path winds up the outside of the ridge and around the tip, to a gate in the high walls of the outer city. The high, snow-capped, rocky ridge is the weathered caldera of a primeval gigantic volcano, now long dormant. The gnomes and dwarves of Highforge delve deep beneath their city, mining rich deposits of tin, steel, copper, gold and gems.

Kelvin is renown for the Baron’s massive keep in the center of the city, but the walls of Highforge are equally impressive. Aside from their size, they bristle with siege engines, some of unusual contruction, and well-drilled dwarven and gnomish troops patrol the battlements. The high walls of the outer city surround stone buildings representing about ⅕ of the city, built primarily to facilitate trade with the outer world. The rest of the city is below ground. The gnomes of Highforge are great admirers of the dwarven architecture of the dwarven capitol city of Dengar, and closely follow that architecture in building their own city. Visitors are strongly discouraged from attempting to enter the subterranean areas unaccompanied. Many become lost in the often dark, seemingly endless passageways. In fact, visitors can be fined for trespassing, but this is rarely enforced – only when a visitor requires repeated rescuing. The city gates close at night.

There are two inns in Highforge that cater to folk other than gnomes and dwarves, The Iron Axe, run by a dwarf by the name of Konar Orc-Cleaver, and The Highforge Hostelry, owned by a Thyatian named Bern Galasso. At the “Axe” one will find locals eating there (try Konar’s own Orc-Cleaver ale). Kryx is a Mapmaker - a sign hanging over the door showing an unrolled parchment map with a compass rose visible in the lower corner of the map marks his shop. All three of these businesses are in the upper city.

The architecture of the city under the mountain is of the repeating patterns favored by dwarves (and the gnomes of Highforge), but sometimes confusing to others. There are many many many stairs used to reach the various locales. Most of the city under the mountain is well lit and parts are lighted as the mines are lighted, using harvested fire beetle glands. The light produced is a low, greenish light.