Hill of Unknown Secrets

Deep within the Radlebb Wood a rocky hill rises steeply before you; a few massive blocks of dark stone at the crown making it clear that this is a site of ancient ruins. No buildings remain, although several blocks of masonry are scattered here and there on the hillside as if they had been tossed around by an unthinkably powerful force. Two small groves of trees have taken hold near the bottom of the slope, and you can see three cave entrances into the hill itself. The lower two entrances are doorways crafted from carved stone. The highest entrance, near the top of the hill, is quite different. It is very large, wide enough for several people to enter side by side, and it is closed by what appears to be a metal door.

The iconography on the surrounding ruins suggest a temple of law. However, one much older than the current modern Church of Karameikos or Church of Traladara. Antalian, perhaps. There is no actual writing visible, just images of warriors fighting monsters.

Walking around, you find a third entrance closed by a stone door. This entrance is hidden away in a grove of young trees. Over the top of the entrance, a shield has been carved into the stone. There is no device upon it, but at the edges of the carving you can see what appear to be flecks of white paint.

The metal double door is wide enough for several people to enter side by side. The door is marked with a large circle, one of the symbols of Law, but eight arrows have been roughly gouged into the iron around the circle, transforming it into a symbol of Chaos.

There is enough worked stone thrown about the hill to conjecture that there must once have been a large structure on top of the hill.

It is very quiet here. Even the birds seemed subdued.

The Legend of the Hill of Unknown Secrets

The door opens…Hill of Unknown Secrets II