Lesser NPCs

Hrolf the Drunkard of Highforge: A gnome-miner working for Beltan in Beltan's Mine. Will lead us to the mine. Hrolf: “ At the mine … we hit a pretty good vein of silver, and we were just following it, retrieving as much as possible. We broke into a cavern with a natural chimney, and the vein continued in several directions. So, Beltan and I came back to Highforge to hire more help. Then, Beltan and his new hires returned. Regarding the cavern, it’s not huge. The other miners and I continued working the silver while Beltan explored the chimney. It went further than he was willing to explore. It did seem like he was a little spooked when he came back down … But if there’s trouble, I’d bet on beastmen. There are several tribes north of the mine. Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears … Mostly, they war amongst themselves, but occasionally they ally and raid all around.\minus Hrols leads the party up through the chimney of Beltan's Mine

Kryx the Mapmaker of Highforge: A middle-aged gnome, with white, receding hair and a well-trimmed beard peers out at you from behind a large drafting table. He wears twin magnifying lenses that make his eyes seem to bulge out of his head. Krys led us to The Pyramid and The Old One.

Beltan the Miner: A missing dwarf from Highforge, operating Beltan's Mine