Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications


Neutral, Human Fighter


Malagorn is tall and muscular. He is bald, his hair meticulously shaved from this head. He has piercing blue eyes that are constantly on the alert. His well used and well tended lamellar armor, the boiled metal shield on his back and the old looking sword at his side, give him the appearance of a no-nonsense and experienced warrior. His is quite obviously of a Traladaran/Thyatian mixed origin.


Malagorn fled the Black Eagle barony at the time of his Shearing, some couple of years ago. His father, once in the employ of Baron Van Hendricks as a soldier, was punished for Malagorn’s flight, and is unable to perform military services anymore. With his arms and fingers broken and crushed, he can no longer swing his sword or work the land. As a result the family is struggling to survive. Although Malagorn’s mother tries to sustain the family as best as she can, the small homestead yields less and less profits year after year and van Hendricks ever increasing tax revenues will soon break the family’s neck. To obtain this information, Malagorn had hired an informant, a former friend of his father’s who still does military duty in Van Hendricks stronghold. Malagorn is not sure if all this is rumor or fact, but one day, he will find out.


Common, Goblin


Adventuring, Battlefield Prowess (C), Command (C), Endurance (G), Fighting Style (weapon & shield) (C), Leadership (G), Riding (horses) (G)


Medium Warhorse

On PersonOn Horse
Lamellar armor5Saddle1/6
Shield +11Bit & Brittle1/6
Lycanthrope Slayer Sword +?1/6Saddlebags0
Dagger1/6Cold weather outfit1/6
Crossbow1Fur-lined cleak1/6
Bolts (20) in case1/6Whale grease1/6
Backpack0Iron rations (2w 6d)3/6
Iron rations (1w)1/6Waterskins (3)3/6
Torches (6)1/6Horse’s winter blanket1
Water skin (1)1/6Sword, Old Hairloom 1/6
Small sack0