Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications


Beholders, Young in Beltan's Mine: A sphere approximately one foot in diameter. The sphere is crowned by a ring of curious bumps and one rising appendage. As the sphere turns, a single large eye in the center of the sphere blinks open and focuses on you. A second small eye at the end of the one stalk blinks as the creature’s toothy maw opens with a sound between a growl and a hiss. Two more of the spheres rise out of the darkness, eyes wide open.

Goblin-Dogs in Beltan's Mine: Very large rat-like dogs. These mangy canines’ faces have the same flat nose, beady eyes, and protruding teeth as a rat grown grotesquely large.

Carrion Crawler in Beltan's Mine: A whirling mass of tentacles burst from the filth, and the segmented, centipede-like creature they are attached to flails its head from side to side.

Owlbear in Beltan's Mine: A crossbreed of giant owl and bear