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Radlebb Wood

From the outside, the Radlebb Wood looks like any old growth forest. In some places, dark, tangled, and foreboding. In other places, sun dappled and open, like an ever green palace of towering tree pillars, ivy carpet, and wind-rustled canopy. But there is something more to it. Something hiding behind the wind and the leaves and the trees. Something living and vigilant. A presence that none who stand dwarfed amongst the trees can deny.

A rocky hill rises steeply before you; a few massive blocks of dark stone at the crown making it clear that this is a site of ancient ruins. No buildings remain, although several blocks of masonry are scattered here and there on the hillside as if they had been tossed around by an unthinkably powerful force. Two small groves of trees have taken hold near the bottom of the slope, and you can see three cave entrances into the hill itself. The lower two entrances are doorways crafted from carved stone. The highest entrance, near the top of the hill, is quite different. It is very large, wide enough for several people to enter side by side, and it is closed by what appears to be a metal door leading into the Hill of Unknown Secrets