Beastman hordes are near Fort Guido

The Dymrak Forest is particularly dangerous, famous for it’s warg-riding goblins and legendary tales of a green dragon who lived in the forest long before it knew elf, human or goblin. The dragon has not been seen in generations, and the bards say its unguarded hoard is just waiting for bold adventurers to claim it.

An ancient circle of nine hags resides in different locations of the Dymrak Forest in southeastern Karameikos. Best known is Grizzelda who has had some dealings with the various Centaur tribes of the Kelvin Moors. The only other member of the circle of hags whose name is known is Esmeralda, Grizzelda’s sister. Esmeralda is allied with some of the goblin tribes in the western parts of the forest. It is said that Esmeralda begged, borrowed or stole her sister’s ring and gave it to the goblins, for reasons unknown.

“Right now, I am helping to teach some of my clan’s youth in our warrior traditions. But I hope soon to join my father and uncles, and brothers and cousins who are away on crusade, helping the gnomes attempting to reclaim the gnomish homelands in the North from the kobolds and other vermin. We must stop the kobolds where they stand, or our lands may be next!”

The Nithians, mentioned earlier, worshipped Thanatos, God of Death and Destruction. The symbol of Thanatos is a scythe, and this pole arm could be a scythe designed for reaping lives, not wheat.

The Nithians are said to have been necromancers without equal. They were not known to have an affinity for constructs or machines.

The hideout on the treasure map is thought to be the hideout of an unnamed Ylari thief, long dead, about a day’s travel north-northwest from Beltan's Mine. Lauris was interested in this hideout because the thief had a flying carpet. The map has a picture of an Ylari man on a flying carpet.