The Portal Room

…and the ruined room comes into view. There are four apparitions of human soldiers in ancient garb, who take no notice. The apparitions are shadowy and completely lacking in substance. In the center of the room are the rotting remains of a table and chairs, and four sets of human bones.

An archway exits the room to a short hallway, which in turn opens into another room. The yellowish light originates from this other room.

No other exit is visible. Behing the short hallway is another room:

Within this room are three archways to the left and three archways to the right. Each of the six archways is surrounded by carvings of pictograms. Two of the archways to the left and two of the archways to the right open onto a stone wall – the wall of the room. The remaining two archways open to the outdoors. The archway to the right opens onto a snow-covered, rocky valley, with very high mountain peaks and glaciers visible in the distance. The archway to the left opens onto a muddy, grassy valley, with an ancient circle of stones visible in the distance. The two views are neither familiar nor wholly alien. However, both views are of higher mountains than should be found in the Wulfwolde Hills.

There is a similarity between the pictographs on the archways and the rune seen on the original beetle, as well as the similar runes on the skeletal figure from the Petrified Beholder Cave

There is fresh air … coming from the long hallway exiting the room with many archways. Some distance beyond the room, there is a gash in the ceiling, with sunlight coming down. There is no fresh air coming from the archways to the mountain valleys.

The doorways sound like magical gates leading to a distant location, similar to teleportation, but potentially more reliable because the location is fixed. If permanent, such gates are not easily created, on par with a minor artifact. The transparent barrier could be a manifestation of the gate’s operation, or … there may be an abjuration or other protective “door” on the gate.

Another archway exits the room to a long hallway.