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The Pyramid

An ancient, stepped pyramid under Highforge (shown by Kryx the mapmaker), home of the The Old One.

Currently, 5 steps of the pyramid are visible in the chamber you are in. The doors are 3 steps down, and the lowest step is in the water. The pyramid in the engraving has 18 steps.

The depictions of creatures on the pyramid are so stylized, they are difficult to recognize. There are large, winged, lizard-like humanoids at the center of the magic being worked. There is no imagery of beetles anywhere on the pyramid. There were, at times, swarms of locusts and similar insects in the visions of magic, war and destruction. However, the depictions of plants are less stylized and recognizable as specific plants. Primarily, there are ferns and palm trees which have not been know to exist in this region since … This pyramid appears to have been built by the Mogrethi Lizard Kings, which would make it perhaps five or six thousand years old!…The Mogreth Empire was, perhaps the first civilization to arise after the Blackmoor cataclysm. Highforge is some distance from what is believed to have been the center of the Mogreth Empire, now submerged off the coast of Ylaruam. Perhaps this pyramid is an ancient holy site or even the site of an ancient oracle?

There is a traladaran scribble on the bronze door : “Stay Out – Danger!”

There is an engraving on the highest block of the pyramid, facing upwards. The engraving appears to depict the location of the pyramid in relation to known constellations of stars (which haven’t changed in 6,000 years). There’s nothing particularly helpful about that, except the small pyramid image in the engraving shows doors near the top of the pyramid. In other words, at least when built, the pyramid may have extended far below your present location.

The constellations appear to confirm the location of the pyramid. Possibly the pyramid was built with a specific facing, and when the sky was visible, the ancients may have studied the movements of the stars from this location. The engraving appears to be a baseline, like a compass rose.”

Beyond the bronze doors, within the thick walls of the pyramid is a single large room. From the entrance, a 5’ wide stone walkway extends to the left and right, wrapping around the entire square room. The walls to the left, center and right are lined with alcoves, three alcoves wide by three alcoves high on each wall, for a total of twenty-seven alcoves. Within the square stone walkway, the floor drops away to an unknown depth – because the area is filled with what appear to be copper coins. In the center of the “pool” of copper coins, a large, roughly 10’ diameter column rises to a height even with the walkway. Across from the entrance, on top of this column is a raised black marble dais and throne.