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Thoro Din, dwarven vaultguard.

Stats are 16, 10, 9, 14, 12, 10.

Proficient in manual of arms and dungeon bashing.

Born in Karameikos to a surface-dwelling family with a history of military service, Thoro served with honor in the palace guard. He has been called to Dwimmermount by a letter from family(you can say who).

His shield bears his family crest, a groundhog tunneling to the surface.

You Sep 22 I just did some shopping - rolled 80 gp this morning. backpack 2g iron spikes (12) 1g blanket 2g chainmail 40g shield 10g mace 5g shortbow 3g quiver 1g cloak 1g oil, military (3) 6g boots, high 3g tinder box 8sp torches (12) 2s waterskin (2) 12sp

this totals to 76gp, 2 sp, leaving me with 3 gold, 8 silver in change.