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Valuables to Sell

(500 gp credit note with bank in High Forge)

Non-magic Items (Unassigned)

silver dagger

9lb of Comfrey

Group Ammunition

arrows, silver [x10]

arrows, +1 [x10]

bolts, silver [x20]

bolts, +1 [x10]

bolts [x110]

Magic Items (Currently unclaimed)

exquisite curved dagger

Non-magic Items (Assigned, but unowned)

+2 Black Hills map (Brokk)

+2 Foxfire River Valley map (Brokk)

silver beetle (Lempi)

Current Draft Order

Yrsa, Lempi, Hesper, Brokk, Intombe, Malagorn, Fignol

Draft History

19. Unidentified dagger: Yrsa [Pass], Lempi [Pass], Hesper [Pass], Fignol [Claim]

18. Dagger +2: Yrsa [Pass], Lempi [Pass], Malagorn [Claim]

17. Wand of Fear: Yrsa [Pass], Intombe [Claim]

16. Oil of Sharpness: Yrsa [Pass], Brokk [Claim]

15. Ring of Protection +2: Fignol [Claim]

14. Potion of Fiery Breath: Hesper [Claim]

13. Orc belt: Malagorn [Claim]

12. Ring of Spell Storing: Lempi [Claim]

11. gold ring appearing as an owlbear with ruby eyes: Lempi [Pass], Malagorn [Pass], Halav [Pass], Intombe [Claim]

10. elven chain(AC 4, encumbrance 2 stone, consider as leather armor, 1,900 gp): Brokk

09. brightly colored robe sewn with feathers, small bones and other shiny objects including a (magical) gold ring: Yrsa

08. staff carved in the likeness of a serpent: Hesper

07. scroll of chameleon,magic rope, silent step,mirror image,skinchange: Intombe

06. Sword +1 (Goblin Slayer): Halav

05. Shield +1: Malagorn

04. unusual glass rods (?), xxxx gp: Shlomo [Claim]

03. bronze kukri (short sword), xxxx gp: Shlomo [Pass], Malagorn [Pass], Lempi [Claim]

02. bronze adze (battle axe), xxxx gp: Sholmo [Pass], Brokk [Claim]

01. copper bangles, xxxx gp (bracers of armor AC 5): Sholmo [Pass], Yrsa [Claim]