House Rules

Available Character classes

Subject to change … most important: None of the standard classes.

  • No clerics: Neither Ilsundal nor any of the other immortals answer the calls of the mortals in the Sylvan Realm.
  • No magic-users: Morkcroft doesn’t suffer competition, and the Bearmen and Wardens do their best to not let any wizards in or out. The witches and dryads move more freely, and the enchantress is blessed with strange powers.
  • No fighters: The wardens come close, but have clear priorities. The bearmen qualify, but rarely venture in to the woods.
  • No thieves: Wardens also qualify for the wilderness sneakiness.
  • No dwarves: Woodland is no dwarven’s home. Check out gnomes instead.
  • No elves: The elves have long left the Sylvan Realm behind.
  • Witch
  • Enchantress
  • Gnome
  • Warden
  • War Bear

Character Generation

  • Players have the option to start their characters with 5th edition kits.
  • Players distribute the 5th edition standard array among their character’s stats (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8).
  • Characters start at level 1 with maximum hitpoints.

Damage per class

All PCs can use all weapons, but the weapon damage is dependent on class.

Critical Hits and Fumbles

Variety is the spice of life. On very good or bad attack rolls, additional things happen.

Critical hits

If you roll a natural 20 on the d20 for an attack, that is a critical hit and you double damage. Fighters add their action die to damage after doubling. Also, roll a d10 for the following results, applied to the victim:

  1. Struck Down! Proceed straight to the One Last Breath table for a PC, if its an ordinary monster, its dead.
  2. Maimed! 1d4: 1 eye, 2 finger, 3 hand, 4 foot
  3. Knocked out for 3d4 rounds
  4. Knocked out for 1d4 rounds
  5. Fearful – PC must flee for 1d6 rounds. Monster makes morale check at penalty.
  6. Disarmed! Roll again if not applicable
  7. Lose next full turn.
  8. No attack next turn
  9. No movement next turn
  10. No additional effects, just the doubled damage.


If you roll a natural 1 on the d20 for an attack, that is a fumble. Roll a d10 for the results, applied to yourself:

  1. Weapon broken! Lose next attack to switch weapons (if you fight without weapons, stumble and lose next attack to regain balance).
  2. Strike ally instead. Roll damage and apply to an ally, determined by the DM.
  3. Weapon is stuck. STR check to set free.
  4. Winded! Movement halved for rest of combat.
  5. Slipped on blood/slime/something nasty, 1d4 damage and you’re prone.
  6. Left yourself wide open. Enemy gets a free attack against you.
  7. Lose next full turn.
  8. Dropped weapon.
  9. Off Balance, no attack next turn.
  10. Tripped up, no movement next turn.

Wild Magic

Some areas in the Sylvan Realm suffer from Wild Magic. Spell casters have to take care as per Dangerous Sorcery Rules – when you cast a spell, make a saving throw vs Magic. If the save succeeds, the spell doesn’t fire (but is not expended). If it fails, roll on the d66 table:

  • 11-16 Spell Dissipates — without effect. Caster needs to re-memorize before spell can be cast again.
  • 21 Witchlight — spell dissipates, but burst of light will blind all that don’t save vs spells for 1d4 rounds.
  • 22 Internal Rupture — spell attacks caster from within. 1d4 damage per round per spell level (or save vs magic to end).
  • 23 Transmogrification — spell turns caster into stone for duration of original spell (immediate effect causes internal rupture).
  • 24 Mental Confusion — caster’s intelligence drops to 3 until rested for a full night.
  • 25 Fire and Brimstone — Flames erupt from everything in 1d6x10’ radius around caster; also suffer effects of Stinking Cloud.
  • 26 Rift – Accidentally random summon monster (hit dice as per spell level). Monster appears in 1d6*20’ distance, will attack caster.
  • 31 Chaotic Corruption — Caster suffers random mutation.
  • 32 Aura of Chaotic Corruption — 1d4 randomly determined beings in the vicinity of the caster suffer random mutations.
  • 33 Arcane Storm — even underground. Drastic weather changes or fortean phenomena like a cloud of locusts or a rain of toads.
  • 34 Magical Tide — get swept to one random location.
  • 35 Mind Overload — esoteric truths mankind wasn’t meant to know flood caster’s mind, use 1d6 INT and WIS.
  • 36 Dissolution of Form — caster turns into a Green Slime for 1d20 rounds, then regains original bodily composition.
  • 41 Mirror of Fate — rift opens to allow doppelganger from mirror dimension. Doppelganger will fight caster to the death.
  • 42 Explosive Discharge — Caster killed as eldritch energies rip them apart. Everyone seeing this under effect of Fear spell.
  • 43 Aura of Dissolution — 1d4 randomly determined beings in the vicinity of the caster will turn into Green Slime for 1d20 rounds, then regain original bodily composition.
  • 44 Music of the Spheres — Extraplanar noise fills the area. Save vs Magic or suffer Deafness
  • 45 Dragged Below — Tree roots pull everyone that fails a save vs breath underground. Find the Mother Tree to bargain for your friends’ release.
  • 46 Anger of the Woods — Trees animate, 1d4 attacks per round for spell level rounds. THAC0 15, 1d6 damage from branches hitting people.
  • 51 Eldritch Detonation — Everyone within 120’ around the caster takes 1d6 magical damage per level of spell. Save vs. Magic halves damage.
  • 52 Elemental Transform — Caster turns into one elemental for 1d6 turns.
  • 53 Aura of Elemental Transform – 1d4 randomly determined beings in the vicinity of the caster will be turned into elementals for 1d6 rounds.
  • 54 Animal Form — caster is turned into an animal of 1d4 hit dice for 1d10 rounds.
  • 55 Aura of Animal Form — 1d4 random beings in the vicinity of the caster will be turned into animals of 1d4 hit dice for 1d10 rounds.
  • 56 Nightmares Unbound — the errant magic unrestrained by the caster delves into the deepest recesses of the minds of all present, searching out their greatest fears and making them manifest. All within the spell’s range are effected as if they had been subjected to a Phantasmal Killer spell.
  • 61 Runes from Beyond — hideously glowing runes appear in the area around the caster. All within the spell’s range are effected as if they had been subjected to a random Symbol effect.
  • 62 Psychic Stun — the building power of magic becomes too much for the caster to comprehend; the caster is knocked unconscious for 1d4 rounds.
  • 63 A Great Souring — all food within 200’ immediately rots, molds, sours, or otherwise becomes rancid and inedible.
  • 64 Plant Corruption — All plant life within 200’ immediately withers, blackens, and dies. All plant creatures within that range take 4d12 points of damage; a successful Saving Throw vs. Spells results in half damage.
  • 65 A Foul Disenchanting – all magical items with 60’ immediately lose their enchantment and all spell-casters lose the power to cast spells for a day.
  • 66 A Wild Hex – a booming, spectral voice pronounces a dire malediction; all within the vicinity become subject to a Bestow Curse spell.