Return to the Catacombs under the Clockwise Observatory

After reporting to Master Charalampi, Hector, Origen and the Help are sent to find the Necromancers, and take anything valuable and/or magical off them. They go back into the catacombs, and the confrontation with the Necromancers (asking for a passphrase) was ended quickly by Origen setting the little corner of the tunnel where the Necromancers were with a bunch of Skeletons ON FIRE. In the remains, the help finds some half melted coin, an obsidian statue of six ravens, and some ashes of what could once have been scrolls.

Behind the small classroom that had seats for six (here Hector salvages a spell book), and a blackboard with writings and symbology Hector vaguely remembered, Origen finds a secret door, that leads to a hidden room with 5 lead doors sealing crypts, two of which are marked with a strange symbol.

Origen inspects one door bearing the sign with a magical loupe he inherited from his mother and is psychically attacked by seventeen faceless souls screaming at him, asking their names back. Origen manages to break off the contact when the loupe breaks.

The group decides to open an unmarked door and in the process trigger a mechanism that locks the secret door behind them. They also suddenly face a huge restless dead that was sitting in a gem studded throne. While the help’s cook breaks gems off the throne, the Restless Warrior attacks first Hector, whom he recognizes as the descendant of a person that once offended him. Origen draws attention by setting his hands on fire and then attacking the Restless Warrior, and finally the combined efforts of the group destroy enough of the body to cause the Restless Warrior to crash back into his throne. This releases the mechanism unlocking the secret door, but also unseals the other crypt. The group decides to leg it, but unfortunately Origen is now overwhelmed by the seventeen Nameless Souls and starts cutting his face off, but he is able to shake off the psychic attack.

The group makes it out of the catacombs, and while Hector and Origen get help from some manufactory workers, the help seals the trapdoor leading to the catacombs with a bunch of grave stones and rocks. Master Charalampi gets a report, but graciously allows Hector to study the spell book while healing and leaves the gems stolen by the cook to the group, only asking that the spoils get evenly shared. Origen can determine that the obsidian statue is magic and turns into a murder of ravens when the command word RAVEN is repeated five times in a row.

We will continue next time, when the group will certainly receive a new task from one of the Masters …