Characters and Loot


current gold (Session 7):
31 GP

Ring of Plenty 1)Roxi
2 Scrolls of Healing (2d8 + 4)Pat
Scroll of Dispel Magic Level 3Pat
Scroll of Giant Strength (STR 22, 1 h)Pat
Scroll of Invisibility (1 h or until attack action or cast a spell)Pat
Rod of the Beholder (3 Charges of random Eye Ray, MM page 28)Pat
rotten but stable Beholder Eye NecklacePat
Elixir of Supreme Life Restoration 2)Pat
Thordulf Stoneneck’s Great Axe +1Jules
From Session 6
Painting of a Giant Fungus ca. 250gp (not sold yet)
Potion of Heroism
10 arrows +2
Quaals Feather Token (Swan)Jonas
Scroll of Trap Finding
Small Vial with clear liquid that smells lovely (Philter of Love)Jonas
Boots of striding and springingJules3xJump
Wooden statue of a Dryad ca. 250gp (not sold yet)
From Session 7
Troll paste: Leather Armor grows hard (+1 AC), immunity poison dmg, lasts 1 h
Nice Clay Statuette of a Bearca. 250 gp (not sold yet)
Potion of Climbing (climbing Speed = Walking speed, lasts 1 h
Scroll with recipe of “Troll ointment”3)
Potion of Healing
Potion of greater HealingRoxi

1) create food 1/d (consumable 1/d), SMS to and from Wizard Hymcelph

2) full healing, cure poison, disease, paralysis, heal any condition but death bestowed from the death or dismemberment list

3) The ointment imbues benefits from the trolls regenerative Nature. When applied, after 1 min, the ointment unfolds its refreshing properties. The target gains the benefits of a short rest. To brew the ointment, you have to be specially skilled. Ingredients:


AragoriaRoxi Arcane Knight (Sorcerer x/Paladin 2)Tiefling
XyrkalJonas Chanter Knight (Lore Bard x/Knowledge Cleric 1)Drow
Drarakas MyastenumucJules Fighter/BarbarianDragonborn
SrdjanPascal Monk/Warlock Variant Human
Father Captain Thoraim WilgretorPatrice PriestAasimar



blaJonas Wizard Gnome Walked off into the sunset