Characters and Loot


Drarakas MyastenumucJules Fighter/BarbarianDragonborn
XyrkalJonas Lore Bard Drow
SrdjanPascal Monk/Warlock Human
Father Captain Thoraim WilgretorPatrice PriestDwarf
[[Darmonia?]]Roxi ?Tiefling

Character Graveyard

AragoriaRoxi Arcane Knight (Sorcerer 8/Paladin 2/Warlock 3)Tiefling Back in Zariel’s Service
EstocJonas Arcane Tank (Sorcerer x/Cleric 1)Human Lost in Zariel’s Castle
CédricJonas Elemental Crusader (Druid x/Paladin 2)Human Stayed with Nael
blaJonas Wizard Gnome Walked off into the sunset


After Session 10: 3251 GP

OwnerItemURL or description
Aragoria LOST Sword of the Flame Longsword +1, +1d6 fire dmgattunement
Jonas Cli Lyre attunement
Ring of Spell Storing (Telekinesis)attunement
Ring of Free Actionattunement
Pat Ring of Ym Wisdom +2, magische Funktionen zerstört attunement
Rod of the Beholder 3 Charges of random Eye Ray, MM page 28
Mace of Disruption
Rotten but stable Beholder Eye Necklace
Jules Thordulf Stoneneck’s Great Axe +1attunement
Halfplate of Ice and FireMedium Armor, AC 15, DA on Stealth, Resistance vs Fire and Cold Dmg attunement
Boots of striding and springing
Unclaimed 10 arrows +2
Scroll with recipe of “Troll ointment”(see below)


2Scroll of Healing (2d8+4)Pat
1Dispel Magic
1Trap Finding
1Mass Cure Wounds Pat
2Heal Pat
1True Seeing
1Giant Strength (Str 22, 1h)Pat


1Potion of Heroism
1Potion of Spider Climb
1Potion of Healing Jules
1Potion of Greater Healing Roxi
1Elixir of Supreme Restoration (restores full health, cures all temporary conditions, heals effects applied by the DD-Table)
1Potion of Fire Giant Strenght Jules

Troll Ointment The ointment imbues benefits from the trolls regenerative Nature. When applied, after 1 min, the ointment unfolds its refreshing properties. The target gains the benefits of a short rest. To brew the ointment, you have to be specially skilled. Ingredients:

blessings of the gods

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