Sometimes, you wake up and you don't know what brought you here...

After a long night in a tavern in Goldorath, capital of Minweh, THE AMAZING ALCOHOLICS, as you call your Party, finds itself in a strange place. You remember the evening before, celebrating your victory against a local badass gang with one or two drinks too many.
A pseudodragon welcomes you in a richly adorned room in the name of a wizard you have never heard of. For his amusement, or so it seems, you have been summoned here.

After many tests of skill, power and cunning along a road on which you killed monsters, were overcomming obstacles and solved riddles, you met the Wizard Hymcelph.

He gave you the all important task to save the world.

The Sleeper has created Minweh in his dreams. Now, his sleep is disturbed. The nightmares make strange things happen. Portals open through which vile monsters enter otherwise peaceful places. When the sleeper awakens, chaos will arise, not the sort of chaos that favors the strong or the most cunning. It is the chaos that destroys and creates without purpose. The sleeper has to find his rest again. The orb of dreams, by which the sleepers focusses dreams to shape the world, is in danger.