PART II - Ixilu

Ixilu, the Island in the Sky, home of the Elementals, is in turmoil. Tir Eneas, the great city on Ixilu, is under attack. Fire-, Water-, Earth- and Airelemtals besiege the city and even fight each other. Nobody seems to know why the elementals show such an erratic behaviour.

The Priests of Tir Eneas bound Nael, God of the Elements to their will, praying to him in a still ongoing ritual to protect them. Because the gods draw their power from the subjects who worship them, he can’t but do their bidding. Strangely enough, the elementals are hardly affected by Nael’s soothing. Not being able to control the elementals, he has created the Whirlwind. The Whirlwind engulfs the city and protects it from the elementals. Meanwhile, General Coluth tries to relieve the city from the elementals besieging it with force, sending city guard troops through the whirlwind to wage war.

The war with the elementals not only makes venturing outside of the city a dangerous task, but poses another problem for the citizens. The crystals, which are used to fuel the portal that leads to and from Ixilu to the mainland of Minweh, have to be energized in one of the four temples of the elementals. Before the war, the elementals ignored all other creatures and it was no proplem to infuse the crystals. But now…
There seem to be only few energized crystals left. The hunt for crystals has become perilous and the rivalry between trademaster Barouli and Crystal Bank CEO Sorkesh intensifies.

The Restoration

After the Dominator, a Daemon, that dominated and kidnapped the Elemental Kings, had been defeated, the whirlwind subsided. The elementals went back to their temples. It would be some time before they would allow any non-elemental creature into one of the temples. Therefore, trade was slow to recover, as was the knacked pride (and fingers) of Barouli, the ascendant of trade and secrets. Nael retreated to his realm to recover from the ordeal of maintaining the whirlwhind. The constant prayers of thanks from the priests would soon allow him to manifest again in Minweh, the central Realm.
And while Ixilu and especially Tir Eneas still recover, the Orb of Dreams has not been found yet. Word has reached the Party of a breach to Ananinnimah’s realm in Neunhöll. And the wizard suspects that this is the location of the orb.