PART I - Cavea

Cavea, the Town in the ground, has a Problem. Or several of them. The expansive Cavern with it’s Island in the quiet Lake is starving. A great sporecloud conceals Elu, Father Tree on the island and dulls the sunlight that emerges from his millions of leaves, thus stunting the growth of crops.

A supposedly evil party passed by, robbed the store and made the only other exit from the cavern collapse. So the northern hunting grounds are inaccessible, and the Hunter’s Cave, the other place to hunt cave hare, has become a most perilous place. Even formidable hunters have disappeared.

On the edge of things, the Legendary Octopus that resides in the lake, has become hungrier again…

Iriel, Goddess of Nature and Light, has been trapped inside Father Tree. She suspects Galberith, God of Chaos and Destruction, to have caught her unawares. Now freed, she wants to be certain. She is upset by the fact that the Orb of Dreams is in danger, and wonders, why a mere Wizard would know of such matters. She promisses to help the party, at least as long as they support life and nature.

Now, that Iriel is freed and Father Tree awakened with the tooth of a Kraken, the party can enter the tree to reach new places. The Wizard Hymcelph is pleased, even though the incidents with the demon portals are increasing in number. He urges the party on. He seems to have a lot of knowledge.