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Demonym: Eilosians

Capital Cities: Northton & Southton

Government Type: Parliamentary Democracy

The country of Eilos is infamous for its sprawling metropolis’ on both islands. They take up an extensive portion of the country’s landmass with the suburbs dwindling in population as one gets closer and closer to the coast. Eilosians are noted for their scholarly nature and their affinity for magic. The country boasts not only the highest number of schools for the field, but guilds and other types of groups as well. Eilos has two capital cities: Northton and Southton. Although they are separate and located on different islands, they work in tandem with each other. The islands can be easily reached by taking the Bridge of the People from one capital to the other. There are also two canals on either side of the bridge that are accessible as well. Eilos is a democracy in terms of its government. Each district elects an official to serve on the parliament – men or women – with a single elected leader from those in parliament to make the major jurisdictions for the entirety of Eilos.