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Demonym: Galnaxian

Capital City: The City of Three

Government Type: Self-Governed Nations with United Underground Tribunal

Galnax is a unique nation in that there are little to no inhabitants in the mountains or the hilly surface lands above. The majority, rather, lives under those mountains and hills or even further down in the nefarious Underdark. Galnax is composed of three separate, individual, self-governing nations. These groups are: the Dwarves, the Gnomes, and the Drow. Galnaxians, as a whole, are generally hard-working and as self-sufficient as possible. They are each known for their specialty: armor, weapons and jewelry from the Dwarves, technology from the Gnomes, and poisons from the Drow. The capital city of the country is known as the City of Three. It is there that the three main nations come together to discuss matters that would be in the best or common interest of everyone in what is known as the United Underground Tribunal. Although these frequently don’t go so smoothly (there are lots of differing opinions and believes among the groups), things usually find a way of working out for them in the end. As homogeneous as each individual nation may be, everyone, regardless of where they come from, is always proud to call themselves a Galnaxian. There are also small clusters of Raptoran communities on the surface, living in the mountain cliffs and the hillsides. They are generally looked down upon with the majority of the underground Galnaxian communities.