The Story So Far

It is always a beautiful day at the Lily & Vine Inn, and this day was no different. The Inn sits on the border of the Lake of Dreams and the Tumbaletaurea, Valley of the Elves. The grounds of the inn are covered in ever-blooming lilies. The first floor of the inn is built of smooth river-stone, framed with thick red wood, giving way to plank and plaster walls on the second and third floors. The gabled roof is thatched with pristine yellow straw, not a strand out of place. A stout wooden door, banded in hammered steel, lies open, and the sounds of voices and music mingle with the rich smells of roasting meat and fresh baked bread. The tables and benches were full, elves, dwarves, and fey all drinking and eating and laughing. Several groups of adventurers huddled in corners, discussing future plans or reliving past exploits.

Here, the party finds themselves, in between quests and running out of coin.