World Description - Intro

The Realm of Gilten is one that has seen anguish over the years. There are many lords and ladies throughout the Land who seek power. Each dominion that they oversee has its own economic and strategic advantage. With that comes many selfish individuals who feel like they have a right to power.

Gilten itself has a great deal of character. There are many different biomes: among them are the Desert of Illusions to the South West near the coast; Forgetful Forest in the South East; in the North the region is less forgiving with the Black Mountain to the East and the Swamp of Suffering to the West. Strangle Port is the trade hub of the region. It is centered in the Land and it is frequented by cattle drivers who are bringing their beasts of burden to sell.

The Land is entering the Season of Eternal Summer. As the snow starts to melt away throughout the Realm it gets increasingly hot. The heat will reach a point where most business and life will be done inside or underground. Most cities have a duplicate marketplace under their city in order to survive during this time.

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