Session One

This story begins in the Spring, to the far North East there is an arctic region. This land is called Jiset. This city is celebrating the end of the Eternal Winter. There are parades, feasts and other festivities.

[ PLAYER NAME 1 ], you awaken in the upper floor of the Mount Inn. Please describe yourself. In your room, you see a copper bathtub filled with warm water already. Also, there is a large cornucopia of meats and fruits set next to the bathtub for breakfast.

[ PLAYER NAME 2 ], as the bells toll for morning prayer. You look at the candles in front of you and realize what time it is, you have been up all night studying arcane practices. Please describe yourself. You think to yourself that maybe there is enough time to sleep before the day starts but quickly that thought washes away as you resume your studies.

And lastly, [ PLAYER NAME 3 ], you are awoken by a farmhand splashing water on your face. Please describe yourself. You are incredibly hungover and laying in a pig pen. As you come to, this farmhand is wildly yelling at you to get out from their pen.

Soon, you all make your way to the city center to take part in the Summer Celebration.You arrive and there are lots of carnies hosting carnival games - feats of strength and luck - and the occasional vendor selling a trinket or two.

What do you do?

Summer Celebration Events

Summer Celebration Vendors

As the night approaches, you see a large group congregating at the center of the square. They are all cheering and suddenly quiet. When you approach, you see a grizzled Dwarf Woman flanked by Elemental Guards. She has her hands raised and steps forward. “My friends, I want to thank you for all of your help during the Eternal Winter. We have prospered through your strength and diligence. This great city has only gotten stronger and I am proud of all of us in another Eternal Summer Celebration. When this Celebration ends, I promise each and every one of you that we will continue to be the strongest and most feared warriors in the region. As we continue to delve deeper into the Onyx Mountain, we are finding even more valuable resources such as the Amber that our city is known for. Stay strong, stay vigilant and stay faithful.” With that, the crowd erupts in cheers and then dissipates. Everyone begins to leave and you are alone in the square.

What do you do?

As you finally end up in the Mount Inn, the tavern is bustling with activity. Many of the citizens in there are laughing, yelling and having a glorious time. As you all sit down to get your first tankard of ale, the door swings open. The Lady of the Mountain walks in the door with her Elemental Guards. She sits down at the bar and is immediately rushed by many of the patrons. They all start singing and cheering upon her entry. The night revelries continue. Drinks flow and small tavern brawls begin but all in good fun.

Session Two