Session Two

What Happened Last Session

Morning of the Bloody Mount Inn

[PLAYER NAME] you are awoken by church bells in the distance. You have a splitting headache and cannot seem to remember what happened last night. As your eyes adjust to the light, you begin to notice the carnage around you.

Minutes later, you hear shouting from what you can only imagine is the Onyx Overseers. There seems to be a panic in the air.

What do you do?

After some time, some noise awakens you, [PLAYER NAME]. However, you do not know where you are - it is very dark and you are covered in some type of liquid that is almost like syrup. You have the taste of blood in your mouth but you know you are not dead.

What do you do?

After realization that [PLAYER NAME] is below the floorboards and is covered in blood.

The shouting and panic is getting increasingly louder as time passes. You feel as though the Overseers may be arriving at The Inn soon. There is a decision that has to be made:

Do you wait for the Onyx Overseers to arrive and try to explain why everyone is dead? Or do you run?

Deciding to Run

Skill Challenge! [Difficulty Rating - 12]

We are entering a skill challenge. What that means is the three of you must successfully evade the Onyx Overseers through whatever means necessary. What you have at your disposal are your abilities (Slight of Hand, Bluff, Insight, Perception, etc.). You must make up a situation in which you will be using a skill to evade capture.

(e.g. “I would like to climb a tree.” | “Okay, roll for Acrobatics or Athletics and add your modifier.”)

Must have 5 successes and 3 failures

Deciding to Stay and Convince Guards

Finally, the Overseers reach the tavern. There is shouting outside. They seem pretty convinced that the Lady of the Mountain is inside.

“Oi! Open up the door or we’ll ‘ave to open it by force! We know Our Lady is in there and we must make sure she is safe!”

Foldor, Onyx Major Foldor Sheet