2019-10-30 Session 1

We’re all joining the Knights of Ozem! Our fearless leaders are Captain Camilla Pendry and Lieutenant Ransit Oathborne. We all gave a roll call in a small village in Nirmathas. Traveled to another town where we got some new recruits: a very private gnome and a beat up, unconscious half-orc whom the gnome had hired. Zeraphinzaelia mentions that she won’t be staying her entire time to Agnes – out of earshot of the knights.

We have a practice drill against some Earth Elemental babies which Captain Pendry summons. Zeraphinzaelia proves herself worthless by throwing her dagger and hiding behind a rock.

We reach a town that had been destroyed and some grody rainbow slimes emerge from the ground and try to eat us. They made Orogo feel drunk.