2019-11-06 Session 2

houses burned on the outside, not on the inside. Scorch-mark that loks like someone running holding a rod. Seems like a nuke/pompeii scenario.
Shades attack. Small burned skeleton of a child. We bury the child outside of town. We agree and therefore head to Rostler’s Coffer.
We find a similarly destroyed town at Rostler’s Coffer and no bodies. It seems that this happened very suddenly. No animals. The flora seems larger and encroaching on the ruins. This place also had the irridescent puddles. The magic used to destroy the town is determined to be necromancy and evocation.
Pendry is amused that I called Magnus a shaman. Am I using that correctly?
Skeletons that attacked us were wearing the guard uniforms of Rustlers’ Coffer.
We begin to suspect that we are now dealing with the Whispering Tyrant’s return.
We reach Castle Everstand! See image.

Squirestone location: Strom’s Tankard.

Pendry asks to go speak with Thom Gauntwood. We meet Private Edwin Wenright First Recruit. While we get into the castle and get Kraggun treated, bring some people up to speed, Fin slips away.

Agnes & Magnus had a terrible dream regarding Kraggun.