Title: The Humblest Endling
Starting Year: Interval Three 736 / Ascension Langadal 352
Rate Time Passes: As we go.
Genre & Style: Fantasy
Base Area: Imperia Landa-Langadal
Society Type: Feudal
Control Rating: 4
Tech Level: 3
Description: The Empire is expanding, colonizing the last western stretches of untamed wilderness, while embroiled in a war against the Servisians along its eastern regions. Internally, an old civilization is lost to ashes and trouble stirs on the planar winds.
Suggested/Required Reading for Players: None.

Chargen Information

Starting Points: 50
Disadvantage Limit: -25, along with up to 5 quirks.
Suggested character concepts: Adventurous/Mercenary types, traveling Journeymen, curious Scholars and Hedge-wizards.
Appropriate Professions: Any craft that can be worked on the road. Hunting. Smuggling. Researching.
PC Races: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halfling, Felives, Coluflock, Canislats, Orc

Attribute & Secondary Limits

AttributesMinMaxAttribute Limits Before Applying Race Modifiers
Secondary CharacteristicsSecondary Limits After Applying Race Modifiers
HP± 3 from your ST
Will± 3 from your IQ
Per± 3 from your IQ
FP± 3 from your HT
Basic SpeedCan’t alter more/less than 2.00
Basic Move± 15 points

Starting Wealth: 1000 GURPs Buckos
Starting Wealth Levels Allowed: Struggling to Comfortable
Starting Status: Status 0, No Ranks
Starting TLs Allowed: TL3
Starting Language & Culture: All characters start with their native language and cultural familiarity, as well as one additional language at accented level at no cost. Humans pick between Landan, Pobdren or Servis as their native language and cultural familiarity.
Required Skills: Area Knowledge (any place of origin), Any Unarmed Skill, First Aid, Hiking, Any Melee Weapon

Languages Available: Human (Landan, Langadale, Pobren, Servis), Elvish, Dwarvish, Orcish, Halftongue, Anuren, Gibbermark(Read-only), Old Dwarvish(Read-Only)
Cultural Familiarities Available: Human(Landan, Langadale, Pobdren, or Servis), Elven(Snow or Meadow), Dwarven, Orken, Halfling, Anuren, Felis, Colum, Canis

Special Abilities for PCs

Exotic/Supernatural Traits: None unless otherwise stated.
Cinematic Skills: None unless otherwise stated.
Are PC Mages Allowed? Yes. Normal Mana Level.
Divine Magic? Favor Trade (Power Investiture & Divine Magic)
Psionics? No.
Gadgeteering? No.
Unusual Background? None.

Additional Rules

Progression: As normal per Basic Set pg.290. Bonus points can be spent on advantages and improving skills; points can only be spent on skills characters already know. To learn a new skill/technique/spell a character must gain it through Improvement Through Study first (studying does not spend bonus points, it increases the character’s total point value).
Limitations: Race templates and reduced attributes do not count towards advantage/disadvantage and attribute/secondary limits.
Items: Use Basic Set and Low Tech for all items except armor. Armor is entirely from Low Tech, do not use Basic Set

Advantage Limitations
Limit Varies: Power Investiture
Limit at 3: Sorcerous Empowerment
Limit at 2: Acute Senses, Fearlessness, Hard to Kill, Hard to Subdue, Magery, Night Vision, Reduced Consumption, Sorcery Talent, Temperature Tolerance
Limit at 1: Extra Attack, Signature Gear

Other Notes

Books In Use: GURPs 4e Basic Set, Low-Tech, Martial Arts(& Yrth), Magic, Thaumatology Sorcery, Powers, Power-Ups 2 & 6(Perks & Quirks).
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