Travel Guide

Rojaks’ Adventurer Travel Guide

Courtesy of Sir Roger Rojaks, Greatest Adventurer of Fallen Civilizations, Most-Enriched Investor of Aspiring Devices, and Wisest Scholar of the Learned Lodges

Chart of Information
1. A Short History of Landa-Langadal
2. Brief Regional Summary of Landa-Langadal
3. Guide to the Folk of Landa-Langadal
4. An Adventurer's Essentials
5. Hedge-Wizardry
6. Basic Bestiary Overview
7. Journal Space
8. Legal Disclaimer and The Rojaks' Initiative

1 - A Short History of Landa-Langadal

Now, I know you have all likely heard this story in your youth, but just to be certain.

The kingdom of Landa-Langadal was formed in year 0 of the Ascension of Langadal calendar or, as older civilizations record it, the 736th year of Interval Three, following the liberation of the Landan people from the deprivations of the draconic menace and their ogre servants. Langdon the Scalebreaker arrived in Greater Zapalivo (now known as the Hinterlands) by crossing the Outcast’s Desert, bringing with him an army of vassals. With his forces, he fought his way through the orken hordes and arrived in the plains of Landale (now known as the Heartlands) where, upon seeing the plight of the local folk, he took it upon himself to systematically lay siege to each of the ruling dragons’ fortresses and slay each serpent one by one, forever breaking the hold that the scaled folk had over the good Landans. It is said that Langdon ruled Landa-Langadal for many decades after its creation, that the current royal family, the Laneds, are his direct descendants, and that the other Langadal families are the descendants of his vassals. The fledgling kingdom spent much of the next two centuries eking out an existance between constant conflicts for survival- first against the remaining dragons, then their remnant ogre forces, and finally the orcs of Zapalivo. It was only after these victories that brave Landans could expand outward from their core provinces, settling along the coast of Pery-Ferie, making contact with the dwarfs of Staalfeld, rediscovering their Pobdren neighbors- and as if recently, finally venture into the Western Wilderness that for so long had protected the most vile beasts of nature.

With that summary concluded, let us begin looking into the real reason you are reading this- Adventure!

2 - Brief Regional Summary of Landa-Langadal

If you are going to traveling the land in search of treasure, it would do you good to know the places where you should be looking. Some of them may even be in civilized lands!

3 - Guide to the Folk of Landa-Langadal

The population of Landa-Langadal is estimated at roughly 2 million, it’s folk are distributed as follows.

4 - An Adventurer’s Essentials

Never leave home without these! They are your daily bread and workman’s tools by which you can call yourselves adventurers.

Containers, by which gear can be stored.

Supplies, by which one subsists.

Tools, by which to traverse the land.

Gear, by which to pave into the unknown.

Of vital importance:

5 - Hedge-Wizardry

A word of caution to those aspiring wielders of arcana. A wizard who engages in transactions of an exclusively magical nature, that is outside the capabilities of a regular mercenary or daytaler, must be registered as a settled wizard with the Imperial Arcana-Registrar and a comprehensive record of each month’s transactions must be sent to the local registrar at the end of every month; any movement of business location must also be reported. A hedge-wizard is defined as an unregistered wizard, often of a traveling or hobbyist sort, who is forbidden from engaging in magical economics. This legal restriction, obviously, does not apply to those that call upon divine powers, who are tracked independently with other means by their respective organizations.

6 - Basic Bestiary Overview

7 - Journal Space

8 - Legal Disclaimer and The Rojaks’ Initiative