Session One


In this first session, the characters and the rest of the Tüska people are just arriving to Ur. They follow a rushing river to the edge of a massive waterfall, where they are greeted by the awe-inspiring view of what they are to make their new homeland: the Ur Valley.

The characters are tasked with travelling into the valley to act as scouts, searching for a suitable location for the tribe to settle. They are to be back within two weeks, hopefully with good news. If they do not return within this time, they will be assumed dead, and the tribe will have to enter the valley blind, putting itself at great (but necessary) risk. This quest is given to the characters by [Grasha], the tribe elder, and de facto leader of the Tüska.

Exploring the valley will consist of a hex crawl, during which the characters will have encounters with both wildlife, and other humans. They will also be tracked by members of the Harka people, who will attempt to ambush the characters in the night. Finding a place to settle down will require some exploration, and if the players are thorough will present them with three potential locations:

[ENCOUNTER] Ambush: First contact with the Harka

In the dead of night (on the third or fourth day of the party’s expedition) the characters will be ambushed by 3-4 Harka huntsmen. These men have been tracking the party for some time, which they may or may not be aware of, depending on the party’s rolls earlier in the session. The Harka assume the party are members of the Pakoa tribe, encroaching on their lands. When they discover that they are in fact foreigners (likely through their strange manner of speech), they will become less aggressive, although they will remain stand-offish.