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23 May 2021

Last session the party had arrived in Phandalin back from a daring stealth rescue mission. They had managed to infiltrate the Cragmaw tribe’s stronghold deep in the treacherous [[Neverwinter_Wood?]] and take out their leader, King Grol, while rescuing their friend Gundren Rockseeker. In [[Cragmaw_Castle?]] they ran into an unexpected ally in the form of Halia Thornton of the Phandalin’s Miner’s Exchange.

Arson at Stonehill Inn

As the travelers trudged into town they witnessed a terrible sight. The charred remains of the building that housed the Stonehill Inn stood before them. Asking around the town revealed that this was the retribution for the party’s actions against the Redbrand guards a couple of weeks ago. The Redbrands had raided the Inn late at night and not only brutally executed Thurn, the woodworker the party had saved from a public execution but set fire to the Inn itself as they left.

Toblen Stonehill (the inn’s proprietor) didn’t have any rooms for them to rent but offered them a place in his own living quarters for a few days and cautioned them to leave as soon as they can to avoid inviting further trouble.

Phandalin’s Defenders

The adventurers then headed down to Halia’s home where they discovered Halia, Sildar, and the town master, Harbin Wester, in a serious discussion. Halia was sent to negotiate with the Cragmaws in the hope that they would turn against Lord “Glass Eye” Albrek and weaken his tyrannical rule. That plan fell through when the party killed King Grol to rescue Gundren.

When the party joined the discussions Sildar and Harbin were planning a negotiation with the Redbrand captain (“Greenfinger”) at the Sleeping Giant. Sildar warned that they should also expect retaliation from the Cragmaws after recent events. As other town leaders (Darren Edermath and Quelline Alderleaf) joined the meeting a plan began to take shape.

The party, led by Gregory, took the lead in formulating a defense plan against the goblinoid invasion. Halia and Darren would mobilize a small group of miners and lead an active defense force to block off the Triboar Trail while Sildar and the party lead negotiations against the Redbrands. Meanwhile, the town of Phandalin would be evacuated as the party intends to keep the forces of Lord Albrek and the goblins from uniting in retaliation.

Negotiations at the Sleeping Giant

The negotiations at the Sleeping Giant went, in a word, poorly. Greenfinger did not seem persuaded by Sildar’s repeated attempts to show him reason. He instead vaguely threatened the party with retribution for their previous attack on the Redbrands and disturbing peace and order in the town they had worked so hard to achieve.

Sensing an ambush as more guards kept streaming into the inn the group decided to give up on any hope of negotiating with the Lord’s men and headed out.

The Standoff

As they exited the inn the group noticed a group of three scarlet cloaked men following them at a distance led by a particularly foul-mouthed guard. As the party made their way back to town the group kept jeering them from a distance as they followed them to the edge of the town.

At this point Gregory revealed to the rest of the party that he had a small group of supporters from the town ready on guard in case the negotiations went south so they need not engage with the hecklers until they are well within the town. Unfortunately, the mocking took a toll on Sildar and despite Gregory’s attempts to persuade him, he lost it. Pio lost patience with the goading Redbrands as well and our heroes jumped feet first into combat.

The fight ended with Aaravas channeling his lightning-filled smite through the leader of the pack of Redbrands as his friends lay dead or injured, Pio sneak attacking from behind a spray of poisonous gas and Gregory relieving a guard of his life through Inflict Wounds.

The ruckus of the battle drew out the remaining Redbrands and Greenfinger from the inn and we ended the session with the party in a standoff against the Redbrands.

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