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Orphaned for as long as he can remember, Aaravas was born in the Anauroch plains. While on a journey to discover his destiny, he was invited to the Frozen Forest, the base of the Mihi elves. They trained him in the arts of combat with swords, spear and bows. They taught him about the Inner God, Omnis Anima, who provides the essence of all matter.

Aaravas learned that all beings and all matter are connected through Omnis Anima and can thus be manipulated, hacked or remolded with will, power and understanding (blessing) of Omnis Anima.

Once his physical training is completed and his prowess proved through the trial of Ikari Naun, he was advised by [[Kanera?]], the leader of Mihis to travel across land and sea, forming connections with the elements and the world, in an attempt to forge a bond with the Inner God.

He has dark eyes with ears that betray his Elven heritage and long greyish hair. He is 6.1’ tall with a well-built physique and is never seen without a long overcoat and his beloved long sword.

He often wears a fore-arm brace he earned after his trial of Ikari Naun. It is seemingly made of delicate twigs with a clear stone at its center that sits on the pulse and the twigs looks like they flow from it towards his elbow.

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