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Aaravas' Journal

How did Sildar, Gundren’s bodyguard, get caught?

Why did Yemiik, wannabe goblin king (after Clark’s head), keep him alive?

Smelly Cave Skirmish

…<boiling leather, goblin skirmish, one dead, Sildar prisoner shock, Clarks’ head deal, deal gone sideways.)

Aaravas hides behind the entrance; ready for any trouble while allowing nature to take its course. He tries to predict the moves, trying to get into the minds of his fellow skirmishers, friend and foe alike, trying to be one with the nature…failing, miserably, thanks to the unpredictable nature of the goblins and highly volatile Gregory.

‘Attack!’, yelled Yemik.

Aaravas takes a quick look at the battle and singles on the goblin nearest to Pio as Pio falls. He grips his javelin from The Vase (infinity bow) and manages to injure him just as Gregory picks up yet another corpse as his shield and runs for cover.

Aaravas takes another throw at the crippled goblin but misses this time and quickly runs for cover.

Gregory finishes the job for him and takes his new goblin shield.

POWWW! Sildar delivers a jaw dislocating punch to Yemik.

Aaravas feels the situation going in their favour and faces an internal conflict. Should he let the beasts of war fight to death or intervene and save lives? Life is precious and must be saved. But will the Inner God appreciate the intrusion in his plans?

‘Yemik! You’re outnumbered, surrender!”, he yells out, deciding to put a stop to the bloodshed.


Yemik made his choice. The Inner God’s machinations were not hindered.

“So be it. “, Aaravas mutters to himself. He charges ahead and cuts through the last of Yemik’s goblins. <The Finisher?>

Yemik instantly surrenders and Gregory takes him as his prisoner.

After a healing circle with Gregory & Pio, Aaravas retires to the elevation in the cave with Pio and Sildar and the prisoners for resting as Gregory takes the first watch duty. The goblins loot and Sildar’s belongings and armor catch his eye and he plans to inspect everything later.

As he walks out of a dimly lit cave, Aaravas head is drawn to a greenish blue flame in the blurry surroundings. Moving towards it, he sees a large brazier, from which the giant flame emanates, shrouding him in its warmth. He moves closer and his hand rises of its own, towards the flame. His fingers make contact with the flame and everything turns white.

Aaravas opens his eyes, his body tense and his hand stretched, palm open, as he lies on the floor besides Pio and the prisoners.

He stands up, somewhat shaken from the dream and decides to take over the watch duty.

Sildar is awake and moving about lost in his thoughts, fire’s almost out. Gregory goes for rest.

Aaravas and Pio take the muttering Yemick to a corner for questioning.

Lots of information coming out. Gundren and Sildar were captured on King Groll’s orders and their possessions sent to him. Groll is working for Black Spyder and on his orders gave the order for Gundren’s party’s ambush a band of his Kragmaw tribe of goblins led by Clarg. Gundren’s convoy is butchered. Sildar is Yemick’s captive. Yemick is still pushing for an alliance to take down Clarg and in return promises safe passage and a way out of the cave.

After learning about all this from a visibly terrified Yemick, Pio and Araravas decide to trust Yemick and help him replace Clarg in exchange for Groll’s whereabouts and safe passage out of these caves. Aaravas breaks his chains much to the disappointment of Sildar who doesn’t trust these torturers.

Sildar reveals that he has heard hushed, angry mutters about Black Spyder. Some ancient, probably last dwarven mountain king found a place of raw magic, Wave Echo Cave, that could be harnessed by dwarven artifacts and they created a forge there. As his kingdom expanded into the caves, he reached the under dark colony of dark elves. The dwarves barely managed to win but a traitor called Black Foot told the elves about Wave Echo Cave, levelling the battle. In the elves attempt to harness the magic of cave (confirm<), the forge destroyed itself and the entrance of cave was forever lost, alive only in legends.

As Sildar trusts them, he tells the adventurers, Gundren claims to have found the entrance of Wave Echo Cave.

Sildar is an envoy of the Regent of WaterDeep and has a mission of his own and requests leave for Phandalin after clearing the cave, as he’s needed there as WaterDeep is apparently in troubled waters.

Contents of Sildar’s bag/cave;

Yemick leads the way… to Clarg!