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Gregory Hill is a cleric of Order of the Sun Soul. An evangelist he was sent out to spread the word of [[Lathander?]] around the Sword Coast.

Born into the Hill family of well-to-do noble merchants from [[Waterdeep?]] and was heir to the family fortune. He was stillborn as an infant when his parents took him to the Church of the Morninglord (Lathander). The clerics of the Church revived him but demanded something in return - his life in service of their Lord.

Now an adult of 25 years he finds himself ambivalent towards the clerical order but does have faith in his God. Lacking motivation and determined to find his place in the world he wandered until he met a seer in Neverwinter who advised him to travel east to find his destiny. He later met Gundren Rockseeker who introduced him to Pio and Aaravas.

He has blue eyes, blonde hair and sharp cheekbones. He tends to hold his head high and proudly wears his insignia - the morning sun rising over hills.

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