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It is known that for 206 years the continent of Heruil has been under siege from beings of the eternal dark. Whether the other continents of this world are so ravaged is not known as when the plague descended all contact was lost with the outside lands.

Each night fall demons rise from the great holding and rage against the worlds vibrancy and life. Cities and civilisations fell, the greatest mages and warriors magic’s and weapons were as raindrops against the hides of the demons. They came in many forms from Fire Demons to Earth Demons to Swamp Demons. It was as if the land itself sought to punish the life that crawled and warred above it.

Only the sunlight was proof against them with sunlight burning them to ash in the wind, but before each dawn they fled. Only a small number of the bravest sought to challenge them and they paid a high price for showing them the sun, with each demon burned to ash often representing a toll in blood that was an unequal bargain. The only advantage the defenders had was that the demons fought without strategy or intelligence of the war would have ended in the first year.

For 10 years the world fell, the old races and the new could not stand before them, civilised or wild, intelligent or beast nothing could stand against them. Thence came the deliverer bearing the first of his great books. The book filled with great runes allowed warding’s to be constructed behind which the shattered remnants of civilisations could shelter. Some managed to contrive new wards and designs from these insights to improve or benefit their cities

The deliverer brought hope and life but some began to see another truth that this was merely a pausing in the slow death of life. They began to construct traps and mazes in some cities to trap and herd the demons each night to show them the sun. While their courage cannot be doubted this was mere hubris to flaunt their excess and vibrancy in the face of inevitable death and decay.

Species intermingled as often as not with some of the Forts becoming holdouts for one species or another. The wild lands between the warded cities, towns and villages. Now only the contained the most desperate or dangerous creatures, evolved from years of living in the naked night hunted by demons. A new profession of messengers came to the fore, those that would risk all to leave their homes and act as go between for the feuding states. The rulers of these states, who despite the presence of a greater evil could not put aside their petty differences for their own survival.

Nearly 160 years ago the deliverer died and it was then that she revealed her great secret. There were three books of warding’s that he had hidden and they would give the weapons to be able to fight and cast back the menace. He was not the deliverer he was merely the messenger of the Gods. For life to survive all would have to become deliverers.

Since her death the story has passed into legend with priests spreading the message across the land that the demons are a plague upon the world due to our sin and that through purity and belief in the lord is the only salvation.

But legends hold the hearts of many and they hide their thoughts deep with fires ready to rage out against the demons, if only someone could show them the way.