The party was still in the dungeon they left off in last week. They rescued the trapped cultists (Black Fox) that Josh had imperilled last week by giving them an air hole. The continued into the dungeon, and activated an arcane blood ritual which revived a marilith, and connected its life force to [Nick’s]. Then they had to undergo two trials. The first was the Airlock, a room with no exits and a single depression that would save one person. The second was a throne room that linked to an identical throne room in the Stray. Josh sat down on it, and lived out a lifetime in the Stray, teaching necromancy to the natives and building a massive statue of himself.

Then they met with an angel of Inari, who revealed that the goddess was creatively sterile, and in need of more challenges. Once they finished with this, they were transported to the room with the Mother of a Thousand Young in it. The cultists freed the Mother, and the part had to face her. They successfully weakened her and captured her in the special dagger they had been given.